The God Kingdom of Troy Thread


The purpose of this thread is to digest, debate, discuss, anything Troy, all the things that Troy writes, which is mostly related to his church, his beliefs, his religion, or whatever that he wants to call it. He might be a bit Pentecostal, charismatic, and some other things.

@Troy has a website with the things he teaches. We can learn from him, regardless of whether we agree with him or not. His website is called The God Kingdom of Troy and I’ve been reading it. Feel free to debate all things Troy in this thread. You may also find some of the threads he started in this forum.

You can look at some of his threads.

Here are some of my notes as follows:

True. There is a lot of truth there. I could write a book about this. I agree. That is what @Troy said to @Paladin who promotes believing in not believing.

Sounds like you are a bit charismatic. When you say God Body, do you mean spirit, AKA soul, AKA heart?

Is Troy promoting immortality through transhumanism?


@Troy is making some good points but there are Theology books that talk about this. Should we open up a Bible Study Group to break these things down?

@Troy, are you talking about Catholicism or certain denominations?

@Troy is right.

Troy, when you say Christianiy, it sounds like you are speaking to certain religions, certain denominations. It seems you are being too general. Beyond that, how is it not also a moral decision and what is wrong with that?


I just want to know the dues/fees. Do I have to sell my soul? Do I have to pray facing a certain point in space? Do I just have faith? How much does it cost and what are the benefits?


What’s the difference, @Troy? Each individual can decide. That’s what freewill is all about. Ultimately, destiny is decided by each individual. Either you decide to align with what works, or you don’t. But when you say world, do you mean overall culture of society, communities, nations, neighborhoods, cities, places, locations, of people, in general, in a macro setting, in an overall perspective, as opposed to a focus on each person? If so, I can see the value in that. But I believe in both. Specifically, beyond that, I believe in an emphasis on discipling individuals. We are the church, if we are aligned with eternal principles.



@Troy to @MamaPotato, “It’s only short because you’re a satanist.” Mama Potato said life is short. Yes. No. Depends. Generally, yeah. But Troy called her a Satanist. Why? Long story. I like Potato. She is an excellent researcher. She tries to be like Jesus.

Troy, but are you trying to force people to give, against their freewill?

AKA Free Market, which is a two-way street, a buyer gives a seller money and the seller gives that seller a product or a service. That’s a two-way street. Is there something wrong with that exchange?

I don’t disagree.

But are we not the church, each person, a temple?

So, you don’t like money and you want all the money at the same time?

Are you a Catholic? They would promise to save their dead loved ones a safe passage out of purgatory for only five easy payments of $19.95 USD per month. Act now and you’ll be able to save your grandmother’s arm out of Hell. Pay even more money right now if you want to get her head out of Hell as well. Act now or they may burn in the bottomless pits forever.

Mormonism? Transhumanism?

Agreed. The love of money can be like a root of some evil.

But the problem is not money but the centralized fake money counterfeits which from globalists, world bankers, the Federal Reserve, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.

Are you promoting socialism?

That’s what Philippians 2:5 is all about, when it says we are to have the mind of Christ, which is what it means to be aligned with eternal principles of hope over dope, joy over circumstances, original oatmeal, and love through 1 John 4:19 action.



No. Yes. But you are addressing two things. First, America. But secondly, when you reference the IRS, you are not addressing America. The IRS, like the Federal Reserve, like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), like the United Nations (UN), like a lot of things, are globalist infiltration. That’s not America.