The "green" new deal


Al Gorlioni would blush at the sheer pile of bull crap contained in Alexianda Ocasio Cortez’s plan. Some highlights are the following. Get rid of all the “farting cows”. You know for global climate change. We will also have to abolish all fossil fuels. That’s right gas, oil, diesel, jet fuel all gonzo. Don’t fret though we will just replace them with solar, wind, and unicorn whinnys. It gets better. We will also rebuild or replace EACH building in the US. That’s about 130 million private dwellings, 5 million commercial buildings, some of which are sky scrapers with up to a billion dollar price tag. We will also ban jet planes. That shouldn’t matter though because their fuel will be banned any way. Furthermore we will replace the planes with trans Atlantic and trans Pacific high speed trains. Awesome. Also living socialist wages for all, unless you are disabled, or don’t feel like working. Plus we will “plant trees” yea thats all there is on that. “We will install electrical charging stations everywhere”. These can cost 30 to 100 k and you can have three in your back yard! All of this except maybe those pesky cows done within 10 years. This plan would get a failing grade as a common core middle school economics project. It came from our newest socialist rising star congresswoman AOC. She is either crazy or grossly mentally incompetant in my opinion. What say the the Info Warriors?


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There is no “green deal” You can take seriously, because ‘climate change’ is a perpetuated hoax to usher in eco-tyranny against the population.

This has never been different since any/all eco-propaganda started getting spewed in the 90s. They paid of and monopolized academia. And destroyed any that balked the story.


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“Climate science denying” is a hobby of mine. Stephen Crowder has a great episode where he interviews the former head of green peace. It turns out this guy is an actual climate scientist. He was turned off by all the out come based “climate science” they started pushing. First global cooling, then global warming, now man made climate chaNye. The left can’t keep their story straight.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the color “green” was chosen for this “new deal”. Legend tells us that when Lucifer fell from heaven, Archangel Michael swung his sword at Lucifer’s crown and an emerald fell out and hit the Earth. This legendary emerald was symbolic of the fall of humanity and also the key to humanity’s redemption.

Very often movies and music videos will cast the villain with green eyes, as a reference to Lucifer. Given what we’re seeing with literal infant sacrifice, I don’t think it’s farfetched to conclude that the Dems have become the party of Satan.


They’ve been fear mongering the end of times due to climate change since the 70s. and what difference has actually occurred? There’s been a complete negligible effect since.

All of Academia’s ‘science’ is molded like clay to fit a pre-arranged conclusion. It’s not science, it’s cult brainwashing.


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In the Book of Ezekiel, while comparing the King of Tyre with Lucifer, Ezekiel identifies Lucifer as the anointed cherub and forever-young boy who once walked in the Garden of Eden while covered in precious stones, including the emerald, and was perfect in his ways and from that day he was created until iniquity was found in him. This is based on Ezekiel’s description of the gems-especially the emerald-that adorned Lucifer’s regalia in the Garden of Eden.


The party of Satan literally and figuratively. I can’t say weather or not “green” is a cunning satanic reference. I can say the effects of this plan/ bill could dwarf the suffering known to man under naked socilism. The NWO is happy to put millions out of work that rely on fossil fuels and cheap nuclear for greater control. We are but fleas on the earth back. Polution is a problem but co2 is not. Co2 is life, if levels dip too much lower plants will begin die en mass. If the plants die, the animals die, and the satanic pulpit masters win.


Preach it from the mountain tops. Year after year these hacks are given Nobel prizes for towing the climate change line. Even Bill Nye “the science guy”. I used to enjoy his simple science lessons now he is is a leftist hack. It’s hard to fight this due to the funding only going to those who work to prove the current alarmist claim.


They’ve silenced everyone else by bullying, blackmail, or beatings.


Mama potatos thread is far more accurate and informative than my own concerning the actual bill vs my summary. Check it out if you haven’t already. I hear most of the dem presidential hopefuls back this plan. Its scary.


I’ve sussed out the path for global domination through this deal. Global governance would be required to smash everyone into compliance. This is not science, this is a hostile takeover by means of indoctrination. I’m all for clean energy and a clean environment, but you cannot affect such change from the poor house. AOC has no realistic plan she is just offering us up as a sacrifice to her modern leftist doctrine. What about hydraulisis separation of water molecules to run hydrogen engines? You get killed for producing such things. What about proven Thorium reactor tech? Nixon nixed it. What about nuclear reactors that burn depleted uranium reducing the radioactive Half-Life to only 400 years? Obama said no way. What about plants needing higher co2 levels to be more fruitful? Science is not the method this leftist law is derived from satanic domineering is. I submit a simple experiment in environmental improvement. Go to the rich side of town. Observe the clean manicuerd grounds and the warm efficient homes. Now go to the slums. Observe the trash and feces on the street. Also check out the bums warming them selves by a tire fire. My conclusion is that socialism produces mass equality in poverty. True poverty is having nothing and no way to lift your self up. Socialism by its nature keeps the individual down. Good luck innovating new energy sources under this new deal.


It’s green like fresh baby shit.


Did you see IW today? AJ was talking about how they removed farting cows and banning air planes. They then came out and called what was in the original bill fake news. Naughty little globalists.


i saw that :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I just checked my local congressmens stance on this Chris Pappas and Ann kuster approved of the idea back in early December. They want to form a committee to discuss the economic advantages. Apparently this green new deal came out in 08’. Its pushed by climate change zealots and touted as a victory for “climate justice”. Oh brother!