The Hitler Tactics


Lisa Haven

04:57 PM - Hitler Tactics - BEWARE! Brown Shirt Army Activated In The US—Pack Your Bags, Go Communist Or… - Lisa said that she is not allowed to say Hitler ON YOUTUBE. So, she held up a paper that said HITLER. I was banned many times for posting Hitler pictures on Facebook.

Cannot Say Hitler

Not only do globalists push leftists to see that conservatives are evil, leftists are perfect; but beyond that, conservatives may end up doing the same thing which can be a problem as well.

When you try to red-pill people, you may be tempted to call the left whatever they call you, racist, violent, bad, sexist, etc, etc.

The right can be right that many on the left are doing bad things.

But sometimes, when you are trying to red-pill, sometimes, just maybe, generally speaking, it might be less effective to excessively dehumanize leftists who you are trying to talk to and red-pill. Well, it depends, but generally speaking, we can end up playing a role, even accidentally, in participating in some of the Hitler Tactics, even while trying to help.

Dear Trump,

Why can’t we say Hitler on Facebook, YouTube, etc?

Lisa Haven

Her Website is LisaHaven.News