The impeach Trump rallies


This smells a lot like what we do in other nations when we want regime change, Iran and Venezuela latest examples. The anti-American antics get blasted to the world in a positive spin and the world eats it like candy. The next thing that happens, is world leaders (tied to the globalist agenda) throw their support behind the anti-American movement. What that support is? It could be anything to everything. The same shitty tactics, by the same shitty people.

Of course pro-Trumpers couldn’t counter it in the exact same manner, but if it were done at all local counties (pro Trump places ofc) across America… more people could join in on local county rallies than major city. Besides, trouble makers wouldn’t be on home turf, so to speak. Would be great if all these counties were to pass an ordinance against wearing masks at events in order to conceal one’s identity.

Oh forgot… it would make getting to know people in your area easier and create an atmosphere to inform them of things happening the old fashioned way, word of mouth.


Ya know I think wearing masks is already illegal in public right? Well I guess each state has its own laws. Im pretty sure in Florida you can’t do that but I could be wrong I’ll have to look it up.

What bothers me is I don’t understand our government and how they handle domestic terrorism. They declared anti fa is a bunch of domestic terrorist. So for example the latest drag queen story time that Owen went to today anti fa said they were going to be there to protect the event. It was in Bloomberg I believe or from ABC news I think. Anyways if they’re going to be there wearing the masks and sunglasses what in the heck is our government doing about it?

Domestic terrorist declare they’re going to show up some where then why isn’t the FBI getting off their lazy arses when they come to these events or local law enforcement at the very least to arrest them.

They should arrest all of them especially when they’re wearing the logos and carrying the flags and get their identifications search their social media accounts and everything else to investigate to prove the connection and if they’re proven to be anti fa stick their socialist butts in prison for domestic terrorism. Would that mean 25 years? Life in prison? I don’t know but I think it’s the responsibility of our government to get off their lazy butts and get to work on this

How is it not a public security concern to let DOMESTIC TERRORIST walk around freely? Do they have any common sense? I mean seriously the news media was claiming terrorist are openly and admittedly coming to show up to an event and nothing happens?

I don’t know if they actually showed up today but that type of thing should NOT slide. It’s bull that our government will not only enforce free speech our first amendment but they won’t even take action against domestic terrorist who are out in plain site. Arrests should be made and people in government should be held accountable for not doing so.

Here’s the article from ABC news :

I mean am I the only one who finds this strange? It’s right out in the open. Loud and proud. No action taken. None at all. No one part of our government cares. Arrests should be made!!!

Look I get you can’t just arrest people for showing up with a hoodie and sunglasses on but in most places you can if they refuse to take off facial coverings that conceal their identity if an officer tells them to do so.

What they could do is investigate those people believed to be anti fa, the ones who show up that are obvious snap their photos get their license plates whatever the process is and if found to be anti fa that’s it for them.

The ones wearing the logos is a given. I know this is a fine line and I don’t know how it all works and I don’t want to violate anyone’s liberty because if you are someone doing nothing wrong I wouldn’t want it to happen to you. I don’t know how they can handle it but when anti fa says their going to show up somewhere something has to happen. Action must be taken.


Well, if the FBI was a legit organization they would do as you suggested… cause you know damn well they’ll throw any other group in prison or “accident” them if they did the same crap. It’s possible that they don’t do anything because they’re outnumbered, and there’s a method - overwhelming numbers. It’s pretty much the same concept as banks being too big to fail, so they get bailed out. However, what spygate has shown is the federal agencies are a bunch of shady bastards. I’ll concede that not 100% is rotten to the core, but many are or at least spoiling. Blackmail is their favorite tool after all. Perfect example of how blackmail is so prevalent that prosecutors use it regularly to go after “bigger fish”.

You’re right about something should be done, but it has become all to common for the feds to look the other way when it comes to the likes of antifa. What this will evolve into will be similar to the jihadi sleepers becoming active in the US; since can’t tell who’s who, all are put into the same boat.


I don’t want to ban masks. I don’t want to criminalize pre-crime, even if you’re part of Antifa, because I want to wait until you do the crime. If you did crime, then we should go after you. But we should NOT always be promoting spying. When you try to take off people’s masks and try to identify them and when you try to search cars, you might be violating the 4th amendment, you might be violating privacy. I want to minimize the false premise of guilty until proven innocent which things like this might promote and encourage excessively.


“By any means necessary” the slope has already caved in. The mask restriction is merely a peaceful deterrent.

I’m pretty sure that every county has the authority to impose that type of restriction (amongst others). What you or I want is not so relevant, as it’s the will of the legal residents within each county to determine if they want to enact such restrictions. I’m merely offering a peaceful possible course of action.


We are seeing first hand how regime change is done.


Really good thread you guys. I know I think its against the law to wear a mask in a bank for obvious reasons.


I do remember seeing a video last year. Antifa was stopping cars in Portland, OR. Antifa was harrassing and screaming at the drivers. I saw motorcycle cops sitting there watching and doing absolutly nothing.


Yeah, I’d define that as their “home turf”. They get away with antics like that within their territory, but can they when not protected by a police force that’s not sympathetic to their cause or part of it? I doubt it. By things like this happening, it’s possible to identify certain patterns, then adapt or make use of such lessons learned.

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There is no additional criminalization occurring, we want the level of enforcement for them, that is exercised without a second though on the rest of us citizens.

In addition all legal protections are relevant in a court case, police can indeed search you for literally any reason they deem necessary. They’ll just get evidence thrown out, and possibly lose their court case, so that’s why they don’t do it.

I will not sit and watch while we respect standards only we’d recognize, we have a duty to enforce to the fullest extent, just as they have done and will do to the citizenry. Antifa is not a legitimate organization, it is a group identified as domestic terrorists, and as far as I’m concerned they have no right to organize protest events.

They will NEVER be worried about giving the state too much power, if they can rest easy knowing we won’t ever use it against them. We literally have no other choice, the gloves must come off, because they already came off against us.

Nobody on our side should be calling for speech to be criminalized, and we should suspect anyone who does as bad faith provocateurs. That is not something we have been forced into accepting, and thus we must oppose the state gaining such power.