The IRS is good, change my mind


the title above is satire…

shit all over this den of thieves in this thread…

I’m bored…

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not relevent…



Two more years and I will be set up to never give them another cent…they got millions from me though!!!


It’s good if they attack your enemies, and bad if they attack you. Like everything else, it has become a political weapon.


Reinstate the Constitution, remove the fraudulent 16th amendment, the problem will be fixed.


I would begin with trying to define the IRS. People may agree that the IRS has something to do with taxes. So, we would probably need to start with that. It is mostly a question of how much tax does government need. Some people actually believe that government needs enough taxes in order to give some people free Bernie Sanders stuff. In order to change one’s mind, you have to help that person consider free markets over tyranny.

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So allow us to deny people the right to vote on account of race?


Santa Claus is more real than white privilege, change my mind.


Bigfoot is more real than Islamophobia, change my mind


16th Amendment*

It’s fixed.