"The Mind Has No Firewall"


I will just leave this here for you. If you care for understanding and acknowledgement.

As this says all I would I digress, I have contributed my two cents, as I find arguing with mutton or fanatics boring…

@Paladin nice thread brother, hope it stays clean… cheers.


I do no such thing. He is not “big.” You should know that with your level of intelli-gence.

It is better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man Than for one to listen to the song of fools. Eccl 7:5


You know I never start shit…I just end it lol


I’m using your adjective, just an antonym. I think most people would disagree. I think all believers in God would describe him as “big” in a way. He is, after all, the supposed creator of the universe. Not exactly a small feat.


DITTO… Remember the saying I shared with you.

"If we know we can destroy them, don’t "

But I did not include the rest that is the following.

“If you know you can destroy them don’t, for they destroy themselves”

:wink: take care…


Religion is simply the way that you live your life.


This is a incorrect statement.


Mockery…only mockery. What more could I expect. Your friend @Bingozee has the same mockery in his tone. Bitterness is palatable.

[ The Futility of All Endeavor ] The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. “ Vanity of vanities ,” says the Preacher, “ Vanity of vanities ! All is vanity .” What advantage does man have in all his work Which he does under the sun? …Eccl 1


Are you in a bad mood or something? I am certainly not mocking you. What did I say that you interpreted as mocking? That God is usually seen as “big”? Yes, and so? That is mockery? The bitterness you perceive is clearly you projecting.


No one has “mocked” you, sounds more like a defense mechanism then fact.

Lol don’t judge by your ignorance, first you would have to understand my contributions before ever challenging it or what I may contributed.

Don’t be a hypocrite or is that even a possibility for the fanatical and thire fanaticism, I think not but I am not perfect and admit I can also be wrong. I don’t have stolen or borrowed words to spam as an argument.

However I said I wouldn’t bother wasting efforts of speaking to mutton, I was raised not to talk to meat, it’s frivolous.


People generally focus on specific examples of religion while ignoring the more general definition which is never used or almost never used. The general definition is so rarely used, most people discredit it automatically without a second thought. People don’t look back at history at the etymology of words and where they come from. For example, you can clearly look at the differences between natural philosophy (science) and allegedly supernatural philosophy. Taking it one more oatmeal step past that, you can even, if you dare, reconsider what supernatural philosophy might be, which takes back to that general definition which most people are unaware of.



Where are all the followers of Jesus in this digital gulag? I can’t fight all these bad guys all by myself…I’m not smart or strong enough.


Your smarter and stronger than you know.

The mind has no firewall, 1998, more then 20 years ago, public information.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM, is if there are no books or movies about something

no news stories or public documents, then how and when will the public ever know?

Most believe that standard stock tech improvements are 40 years ahead of the public,

and what about the others? a few scribbles burned after reading, never a word spoken

because they dare not leave a trail.

Have courage and at least LOOK MeshRockVideo7 The only place to hide is in the OPEN.


Creative video. I’ve seen it before. I was not ignoring you. You are kind to encourage me.

What you don’t know is that I am not smart or strong. But that’s OK. :] God knows.


Should be quotable. Make it a book title or just put your name on it. :]