The Next Frontier of Modern Human Evolution - The Mind


Humanity is nearing another giant “leap” in evolution (watch). The question is whether the leap is up to the Heavens throughout the vastness of Space, or down, into a manifested Hell on Earth (watch) through the final construction of Totalitarian Mind Control.

Remote access to the brain is not a “new” idea. Decades have passed since the dream to “connect” to the human brain was “patently” proven. The desire to control the human mind has been a reality for a very long time. Advances in technology have brought Humanity to the doorstep of integrating ourselves into the Internet of Things .

Brain Computer Interfaces are becoming “mainstream” as instant connectivity continues to become more of a necessity, rather than a novelty. A review of the history of modern telecommunication systems will help us understand where we are at today and more importantly, where we are going. Print material, the telephone, radio, and television, have now become available in convenient, consolidated platforms known as the computer, tablet, and smartphone. Futurists believe that the next evolution of communication will be a direct connection into the human mind. The next logical step is eliminating a need for implantable devices which require invasive procedures all together. Publicly available information suggests that “science” is not that far away.

Experiments performed to better understand the brains of mammals (including humans) have been ongoing for some time. Some of these are beginning to be published. Decades of behavior and other types of brain research have already been conducted. Chemical and electrical interactions with the brain have already been thoroughly studied. Remote Control of a dog was achieved around 1967 A.D. Currently published science on these topics are available online. It does not take long to see the progress taking place.

“Human Mind Control of Rat Cyborg’s Continuous Locomotion with Wireless Brain-to-Brain Interface.”

Magnetic Fields Can Remotely Control Brain Cells in Mice

Monkey feel, monkey do: Microstimulation in premotor cortex can instruct movement

Wireless Recording in the Peripheral Nervous System with Ultrasonic Neural Dust

Examples of the currently “disclosed” advancements of accessing the human brain:

DARPA wants to hack your brain

DARPA’s new project is investing millions in Brain-Machine Interface Tech

DARPA high-resolution neural interfaces for controlling drones and cybertech

Battelle lands $20.4M to develop ‘BrainStorm’ tech that could allow military to pilot drones with thoughts

AI Can Now Decode Words Directly from Brain Waves

Facebook’s Brain Interface

Facebook’s mind-reading chief quits secretive Building 8 Project

U.S. Military gives out $65 million to develop brain implants that could treat blindness and deafness

Nonsurgical Neural Interfaces Could Significantly Expand Use of Neurotechnology

Neuro-Modulation 2.0: New Developments in Brain Implants, Super Soldiers and the Treatment of Chronic Disease

h+ Magazine - Brain Interface

It is worth repeating:

Humanity is nearing another giant “leap” in evolution. The question is whether the leap is up to the Heavens throughout the vastness of Space, or down, into a manifested Hell on Earth though the final construction of Totalitarian Mind Control.