The Owen Shroyer War Room Thread


We can talk about The War Room with Owen Shroyer here. I’ll start.

Obama Sleeper Cells

2019-06-03 - Monday - 10:26 PM - Owen Shroyer talked about something around 18 minutes into the 1st hour, something he said he was told not to talk about. He talked about how the left collects personal information of the patriots. Not too long ago, they were trying to dox Owen. They are doing tests. They’re trying to make sure their information is accurate. So, the bigger you are, the bigger the target you may have on your head. They may try to fry up your phones, computers. They may try to get violent. It’s tougher as long as Trump is the U.S. President. Yes, they’re also trying to kill Trump and other leaders. They’re running around trying to make sure they can throw us in FEMA Camps, reeducation camps, Nazi Jewish Death Camps, etc, etc. Owen says that the violence is accelerating, that it is getting worse. Many different things are happening, especially in America. Be ready.

Second Amendment

That’s why we must be armed and trained and prepared. Stick together. Try to find friends you can stick on speed dial. Have canned food. Have Faraday Cages. Have a bunker, a tornado storm cellar, a basement, and have safes, etc. Brainstorm things you can do. In my city, we have a class, a group, where we meet and we talk about these things. Learn about Ham radio. Have backup plans for communication, like walky talkies. Be fit. stay fit. Be happy. Be prepared. As long as you are trying your best each day, to take care of family and friends, then that is all you can do. You are the resistance.

Talk about The War Room in this thread.

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The war room is live #broadcasting #worldwide

Not having any clue in mine about his message. Generally having developed prepper escape packs years ago. One for every family member. Mostly began with earthquake preparedness transitioned into civil unrest or general systems failure rather natural or man-made event.
Was on the other platforms Freesquare a topics on prepper systems had good stuff. Not sure recently reading some beneficial ideas.

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Find Owen Shroyer on Twitter at J Owen ShroyerVerified account - @allidoisowen

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The Owen Shroyer War Room Show is on.


@ADASTRAPERASPERA, yeah, when you look up leadership in the dictionary, you find a picture of Owen Shroyer.

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What is the number for the contacting of War Room?

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Yup…The guy that hasn’t seen a shower since…This is the same clown who I almost knock out Saturday…He was really getting on my nerves with his foolishness.


I’ve got MULTIPLE numbers saved in my phone for calling in…Half of the time I am not sure which one works for which show.


Channel Frederator

2015-08-21 - The South Park-Kenny Theory - Stuck In Time? - Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 69) @ChannelFred

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Will needs to backhand this motherfucker.

“don’t make me break my foot off in your ASS reverend!”


Yup Good points but there looking silly huh…

People don’t Kill people! People can ONLY MURDER people!!!


Man, I like this guy, but he’s not a good conversationalist… at all. Think he’s drivin Will up the wall a little bit. :grin:

You’re doing great @Will!


Hell yes he is! It ain’t easy debating or talking sometimes, I’m sure the guy he’s got on is a good fella. :slight_smile:

Edit : Will could be choking him out during this break.


No doubt. The guest sounds like he’s got nothing but good intentions, with a good message, so I don’t want to go hard on him haha.

Yeah he just might be


Dude sounded like Sylvester. :slight_smile:


I tried to keep it professional. I’m not sure what his intentions were by being so combative. I’ve never had someone that I agree with attack me.


Still many valid points where made, Good work @Will

I get hangup on the abuse and misuse of the Word KILL when referring to fellow Humans, beyond that was a Good day yesterday for INFOWRS and Crew, I think the host where all on point and key, Appreciated…

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@BradChadford great seeing you on the War Room again today.
I’m mixing my Turbo Force with the Silver Wound Gel and I’m going to head over to Pornhub to test it out! :wink:

Wound gel Whack off

@BradChadford you were right!!!


Wound gel Whack off

That’s what I’m screaming!!!