The President's Council on Bio-Ethics - Behind the Shroud of Bio-Medical Technology


The desire to invade the sovereignty of each and every citizen’s brain and body has been ongoing for some time. This, of course, is presented in a manner to the general public as a means to improve illness, prevent disease, and correct abnormalities. The “noble” endeavors of the philanthropic and medical establishment are just the surface of a much more comprehensive set of tools being developed to manipulate humans in every way imaginable. This is not strictly a negative or positive endeavor. It is, in fact, both. Understanding the advancements in Biotechnology and how they are being used is what is important.

The first step is to become aware that improvements in human bio-technical applications is quickly becoming integral part of our daily lives.The President’s Council on Bioethics was created by Executive Order in 2001(Executive Order 13237) and disbanded in 2009. Discussions regarding Patenting Human Organisms have been had at the highest levels of the United States Government.

The United States embarked, publicly, on rapid a advancement of the understanding of the human brain, known as Neuroscience , in 2014. This research was accelerated upon the formation of The B.R.A.I.N Initiative instituted by President Obama. The National Institutes of Health, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Science Foundation all received funding in the 2014 budget. “DARPA is supporting the BRAIN initiative through a number of programs, continuing a legacy of DARPA investment in neurotechnology that extends back to the 1970s.” - DARPA and the Brain Initiative.

These topics are not “dinner” or “coffee” table discussions. These topics should , however, be a primary concern for everyone who has children, loved ones, young and old. Governments and the Militaries across the world are rapidly perusing methods and techniques to observe, orient, understand and INFLUENCE each and every one of us in real time, in order to develop advanced mechanisms of control. Total “Mechanized” Control is what these organizations aspire to achieve.

Is it conceivable that leaders of countries whom do not view their populations as “sacred” or “sovereign” could forcibly apply modern techniques to better control, manipulate, and steer the future course of humanity? What is the difference between current methods of population control, manipulation, and a direct link to the brain except the applied science and technology?

Modern media, advertising, and education strategies are heavily engaged in shaping the opinions and thoughts of the general population. This occurs from “cradle to grave” as the “cliché” states. Entire industries have been constructed to provide products and services that better understand and manipulate peoples’ emotions, decisions, and actions. Focus groups, surveys, meta-data, and biometric collection are used to better understand what is going on with an individual, within a family, community, County, State, or Country.

Science and technology are making subliminal and uncontrollable responses to every type of stimuli capable of being observed, without consent…. What does a society do when observation, physical augmentation, and direct manipulation is forced, to an extent that it is not possible to “opt out”? Will technology advance beyond any augmentation being required to achieve omnipresent observation and control?


The MESSIAH is coming soon to colllect His BRIDE. The Father destroyed those who were corrupt and had polluted themselves with a flood. This time it will be with fire.

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