The Question---A Christian Challenge


quote from Owen Shroyer 20190812 Mon Alex radio show podcast 1:21:55

And you know, here’s what I, here’s the challenge. How do you get people to understand how real this all is? How do you get people to really sink their teeth and their mind and their soul and their spirit and their consciousness into this, to realize how real it is? Because, you know, you have all these Christians that read the Bible and live good lives, but they’re missing the fight. They’re missing the battle. They don’t even realize that this is the fight of good and evil. This is the spiritual battle that we’re in right now. And so we just come here every day, put it all on the line in this spiritual battle, and it’s thanks to you going to infowars store dot com we can survive.


I wrote this two weeks ago, but didn’t know what to do with it. Now thanks to Owen I do:

I have followed Jesus for most of my life, and although I have always been serious about it, the needs of the day leave me feeling ashamed of not having been serious enough, and in fact, it as if I had never really been serious in my attitude toward God and living a meaningful and purposeful life in Jesus name. My God, how lackadaisical and aimless my life has been until now.

So, today I am committing myself to obedience in service to the glory of God.

And I am expressing my deepest gratitude to Him for bringing me up and allowing me to see this day.

And I am asking Him to gird up my commitment with His strength, so that I may be an effective instrument for His use in protecting His children; in opposition to the tryanny of evil that would usurp His authority, and imprison His own people in His own house.

In Jesus name I pray for REVIVAL ! Let God’s Children GO!

It seems to come down to 2D Christianity vs 3D Christianity

entertainment/passivity/knowledge vs involvement/activity/understanding

I am thinking about bullhorning a church :expressionless:

Christianity started in adhoc meetings held in odd places

Christianity started dying in buildings constructed as prisons

Christians enclosed in pews with high backs and sides

Individual Christians led from the pews into boxes where through grates devilish men sucked out their souls


I hear there is a revival happening in the Catholic church. Born again, evangelical Catholics are getting back to the basics.

Choose your church to bullhorn carefully. The cults should be reached first (those who reject that Jesus is God and instead preach that man is or will become God). If this is confusing to you, PM me and I will elaborate. There are many brain-washed who refuse to entertain any intellectual confrontation. Keep your demonstrations peaceful or at least do not instigate or encourage violence and “they” will see JESUS in your ways. Always discourage violence but as the boxer knows - guard your face.
Re: your questions about waking people up. PRAY! It takes all the burden off of your shoulders (His yoke is easy, His burden is LIGHT) and helps you to truly trust in your Creator for the action and change you want to see in others. Then you will witness TRUE beauty and, as you know, the BEAUTY OF CHRIST is something to behold. All that being said, do not get the wrong idea, we must not be complacent, falling prey to the worldly ways. We must NOT emulate the actions of those who hate us (antifa).


Great pic. Jesus, I ask right now that you FREE TOMMY! HE IS INNOCENT!


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I lifted it from the banner on the tr dot news site

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You just reminded me of something on my to-do list, write TOMMY.
Please, anyone correct me if this is not a verified mailing address for TOMMY:

A2084CG - Stephen Yaxley Lennon
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0EB


I just checked but could find no address given there. Checked on Bing and you have the address right. Don’t know how to verify his number though. But I think they will figure it out if they want to


Christianity needs to be refined. It’s all about the Cross, and choosing to pick up your own Cross and following Jesus. It’s all about the repentance. Jesus’ Grace can do all!


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