The REAL Trojan Horse... Nationwide 5G!


This Topic was created to spot light the important issues surrounding the 5G networks AKA “smart cities” agenda being rolled out across the United States. They are already being rolled out in my home city of Houston, Tx and they will soon be transmitting through out the entire country.

I personally believe this to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, threats to the entire human species. Julian Assange warned of an inescapable “Intelligent evil dust” in his final video before his Internet and communications were cut off at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last March. Multiple technological experts, innovators, and insiders have come out to warn of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and the 5G networks that will accelerate the threat.

Calling all infowarriors! If you see the threat as I do…

Please help me use this forum to post data and ideas on how to fight this thing.





How do we tell Trump?


lets roll I’m going around my town to show the foot print… we will use tanks to rip them down some day…


Heard you just now on WarRoom Marcus. I have the same problem with the show. It plays video no matter what. David and Alex show will play audio only and it works. Anyways about 5g heres a picture of a local tower here in Mesa AZ. I give credit to my wife, who is BlesseAZNative on here, for catching that tower and taking the picture, while we were driving on Thanksgiving. I love you babe!


Yes, these frequency by no coincidence were used
as 2.4 Ghz cells phones heated the water molecule perfectly.

60Ghz - non-coincidentally vibrates the hell out of single Oxygen atoms - causing all sorts of oxy-chaos and ailments in the body. Plus they can anytime spike the amplitude of the tranmissions per tower without observation to perhaps make everyone lethargic.


A link to today’s discussion incase anyone missed it.

Thanks for the support guys. Lets spread the word!


That tower looks half palm tree half tower. ?


It is… notice the two next to it. They’re burnt and dead.


I’ve been telling everyone I know, most don’t even know cell tower radiation exist. It’s scary. I think many would rather have faster data so they can live in fake space, it’s really starting to becoming a mix of idocracy and ready player one.


A lot of people are generally too numb from hearing about how 5G could be unhealthy or how junk food is not healthy or this thing is not healthy or that other thing is not healthy. Over time, humans can begin to stop caring or they may feel hopeless. It is like smokers looking at signs that tells them not to smoke.

Phoners or phone users are like the smokers and they might be too addicted to technology and texting and everything like smokers are hooked on smoking. It is like we are addicts of technology.

So, we might have to learn from the addiction world. We might have to borrow from Alcohol Anonymous (AA) and other addiction recovery programs in helping people get off the addictions of tech. And 5G is pretty bad. The chem trails are pretty bad.

First, people must know the problems.

Second, however, people must also be given answers to those problems. We got to be given hope, alternatives to all of this. Otherwise, people ignore you, more likely, as they are so numb, so broken, they are losing their ability to reason through perspective, principles, Oatmeal.


When I was up in the mountains my friend up there said she moved up there because to many cell towers were in the city. and they were making her have rashes all over her body. that was about 7 years ago and those were not even the 5 G s yet. So I can imagine what the 5 G s will do.


So if it killed those trees by it, what’s it going to do to us.


Everyone should, at the very least, know where your nearest towers are located.


Do you think that the cell towers causes tinnitus, ringing in the ears, but I have that a lot, I think it is in the head, not ears. But I was and it said the Dr said it is your head making the sound, because its to quiet in your head and so your brain makes the ringing sound. I don’t believe that I think its from the cell towers.




When it’s time… wrap the bottoms of the poles with tannerite… you can figure out the rest. They play real war games, so can we.