The Soul of Man - Chapter 1: Why the Epstein Suicide Lie Really Pisses Me Off


The Soul of Man - Chapter 1

Why the Epstein Suicide Lie Really Pisses Me Off

Oddly, perversely some may say but I don’t think so, the thing that gets to me the most, the aspect that I really feel, which makes me so mad about the Epstein supposed suicide story, is the play on the angle of his being a financier. That is that the guards were overworked and underpaid. The fetid old argument of economic exigency. That is the lie that no one can afford to do or have a job done the way that it ought to be done.

Hard times. We are living in hard times, was the litany recited everywhere, that drowned out every other odd voice, every oddball, the profit killers, the prima donnas, the nitpickers and perfectionists. It was a lie. The boss’s new truck, the customer’s vacation in Aspen, put the lie to the news of hard times.

I broke my back to do jobs how I knew they should be done. I paid my own money or worked virtually for free to make up for deficits, not just in a boss’s or customer’s wallet, but in their souls. I paid the price for saving my own soul, while even unintentionally or unaware I tried to save theirs.

I knew that my soul was diminished if I skipped a step or ignored what would happen to a spiffy looking faked patch job in a very short time. Back again to do the same, with the boss laughing all the way to the bank, or the customer counting the days and the dollars to his or her vacation.

Just look at it as job security, I was actually told by one Renfield Satanist who may or may not have known what he was about. I didn’t see it that way at the time, but I sure did feel the evil in the man’s attitude and saw it in his eyes.

I would have damned myself to go along with it, and I had my heart broken again and again, by people who claimed up front that they were all about good work, but who turned out to be just good talkers—wicked, treacherous, traitorous liars.

It took a long time to break me. Many times I was broken, and now I am just trying to get the stink off me, and I will not get it on me again lest I die. Now I have a platform to fight them on and I am going straight to the heart, right to the jugular, to kill it dead and rip it right out with my bare hands and snaggled teeth.

And reflecting on this fairly draining and self defeating outburst, it doesn’t make sense why there would be so much jubilation about Epstein if he was spirited away—unless he is now being tortured and eaten in some Satanic ritual… which also argues for the suicide theory.

Bottom line—Habeas Corpus

If President Trump has not already been involved, as in witness protection, he should take official possession of Epstein’s corpse immediately, before “the family” has it cremated!

Remember Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalise and how Obama laughed?


Worthwhile commentary, thank you for posting.

I said to my husband that I hope he accepted Christ before his dying breath unless there was foul play and he is alive after all.

If Paul (who murdered Christians) and the many egregious sinners in the bible (who committed horrific unpardonable sins) can get on their knees and beg Jesus to enter in, save, and change from the inside out, then Epstein can too. I say this but suspect otherwise. Oh how dark the eyes. Oh how deep the depths of sin goes.