The Sum of all Fears... Just watched it. Is it Prophetic?


I saw this tonite, and thought, this could really happen… @OwenShroyer Does this sound like something the Globalists might do??


I think that would be way over the top, just my opinion. I think Trump is bolstering our Military and is doing things behind the scenes, as well as a Space Force Division of the Military. Had Trump not been President, that prophecy could’ve been a very possible scenario. I really feel, the above Scenario by Tom Clancy is a Very really possibility, since The Globalists are being taken down now. Either way, I hope Trump is not caught off guard. I Think Alex Alludes to this, when he states he thinks the Elites may stage a nuke or false flag. We had close calls recently with the Russians with the rumor of the sinking of American sub, and other skirmishes. But, I think Trump is not jumping at conclusions, which is wise.

Which is why I can see this as a possibility…

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If you are unwilling to prevent that outcome, by aligning with Russia, than you have chosen to stand beside our enemies. Talk of outcomes chosen by our state, that are beyond control of the citizenry means you’ve lost the will to fight. I don’t care what it takes, we have no other choice, or we sit in subjugation as we watch as our enemies steal power and oppress the citizenry.

They are not legitimate representatives of the people’s will, they have scared the weakest members of the public into agreeing with them, there is no reason any of us should accept their right to attack and undermine our nation at the expense of the citizenry.


When cretins undermine law, attack the rights of our citizens, they lose the right to demand we respect their continued operation within our system. Go through history, only extra-judicial responses can protect a society from totalitarians. Conservatives failed when they aligned with globalists, and gave weak responses to the concerns of the citizenry.

I’m not here to hang onto liberties, I’m here to ensure our descendants have them. Only the citizenry of a nation can maintain liberty, as we’ve seen the false promises of globalism fail to deliver.

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I’m not saying I have all the answers, because I don’t. I have ideas, but I also know that we lack organizing space to discuss them presently.

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People say Trump has been making military bigger.

That helps in the short-run.

But maybe not in the long-run.

Bigger military can be more dangerous.

Like bigger government.

They are trying to kill Trump.

They’re trying to take over the military.

And other things.

Having bigger military is good right now.

It’s basically better.

Otherwise, globalists could have got other countries to attack America.

Of course, some globalists are still trying to make that happen right now.

Because not all of the globalists are on the same page.

So, different globalist factions have their own goals and way of doing things and they all pretend to work for each other when really they end up stabbing each other in the back.

So, it’s a jungle.

It’s a Game of Thrones.

So, many things are happening right now.

So, there is so much we don’t know.

But bigger military is ok for now.

But they should be stopping Open Borders.

Assuming that they’re not trying to stop Jihadists from invading from Mexico and into America already as of 2019, that is right now.

If military is too small, other countries might have or get too much leverage on your country.

It’s dangerous.

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