The Tesla Treatment


I have found and acquired a technology commonly used to remove any and all diseases and cancers. It is based in Scalar Energy, but I would never discount Soursop, Salycilic Acid, C-60, Chlorine Dioxide, Iodine, Enzymes, Activated CBD, Brainforce, H202 35% ect. Also if you play sound frequencies tuned to 6.28, it will open a scalar field, and slowly destroy lower vibrational organisms with in proximity. Like Aids! Or whatever.

Remember to consult your doctor before adding new medicines to your routine. I can distinguish what medicines you don’t want to mix. But I’m no doctor so I wont. I will however provide anybody with questions or hopes with all the information I can offer. I also provide Scalar Treatments for free, but I’m a little backed up at the moment.

These Mechanisms to dissimulation of lower vibrational organisms is fast, efficient, and there are settings that are safe for any patient. I believe, with enough 2d scalar coils, GenX and Spooky2 software, I could build a pretty simple computer that would double as a hospital for about 100 patients.

I am a 21 year old rapper… It really isn’t my job to recreate the health care system. But it would be really easy on some levels and I don’t see enough people spearheading the genius at our fingertips.
So Infowars army, whats is gonna be? Y’all got time to save the world? I have working prototypes, successful attempts, documented treatments and testimonies. But even better than that, I know how all this shit works.

I guess I’ll leave it at that.