The thing about intelligent people is


Anyone who’s been in a position of training someone else has probably encountered a situation where the person(s) they are instructing do not understand what they’re being told. Some times people use the term ‘lingo’ for such things. What ever you call it, the person who’s doing the instructing is so conditioned to their expertise they often forget how its like to be in shoes that do not have that expertise and to train have to conditioned their instructions in more basic terms of how someone who isn’t an expert is going to understand because the leaner simply doesn’t have the experience and understanding yet. It’s a very common frustration for both the learner, and the teacher. Ultimately of course it’s the teacher’s responsibility. And the best teachers understand this, and the weaker teachers simply shake their heads at their students and get frustrated why the student is having such a hard time learning.

So the thing about intelligent people is, they’re so used to speaking at a level of higher education they forget what it’s like before they had it. Often times parents get the same things when helping their children learn.

So why am I posting this…?

I have heard many times, from many alternative media source people who have said in way different ways, the idea suggesting when Trump is speaking to groups of people he ‘doesn’t understand’ an issue or if they are a particular expert in an issue can’t understand how Trump doesn’t see something, or maybe that he’s not that smart because he’s not explaining things exactly right in perfect detail.

And quite often to minor degree they have a point, but they’re not correct. Every single time I hear this from someone intelligent in alternative media who suggests this perhaps from a level of specialized experience I think fails to expand their vision and understand that when Trump speaks publicly on camera or in groups he’s not talking to specifically the most intelligent people or the highest specialized person. He doesn’t need to be their personal speaker, what he’s doing is being the President and speaking to everyone, regardless of intelligence or education or experience level. He wants to be understood by as many people as possible, and sometimes forgoes what might seem ‘intelligent’ or ‘common knowledge’ for someone who’s already an expert but if he talked with ‘lingo’ only they understood the sender of the message (Mr. President), would fail to be delivered.

The President is no less accountable to the people who are not as experienced, or not as educated, or perhaps not as highly intelligent as to those whom are. And so far as I can tell every single time I’ve heard this suggested idea from someone in alternative media about Trump when he’s speaking it’s been someone who maybe more intelligent, educated, or experienced, but they certainly would not be a better teacher as they fail to expand their thinking to encompass this.




That may be true, generally.

But Trump might be clueless about Bitcoin.

Don’t just always assume.

The philosophy is dead on.

I agree with that art of the deal.

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