They're here! - Startling newly 'disclosed' orbitting ET STAR-STATION video (100% authentic untouched video) Enjoy


Wow, that’s awesome that you got pictures.


Yes, ETs like to hide. They are mostly friendly observers. I have been very friendly wth them I suppose, and they know all about me I suppose. I can go outside and find a craft in 30 seconds to 20 minutes… the craft will come by to say hi and I will wave… I suppose I already have some relationship withe the cosmic collective out there. All my friends around me and neighbors know this, but keep discrete for me. Thank you.

This one is cute… a real ET in the window in a different room inches away from the blue room in his compact craft. This is a real photograph. It cannot be logical debunked.

Just zoom into him. I used his craft and picture in the video:±+QANON+ET+STARSTATION+ABOVE+US+BRIEFING+2019±+Gold+Rainbow+Starstation+Exposure±+Secret+Space+Program±ThirdPhaseOfMoon+SecureTeam+10+EXTRA+EXTRA+SEE+ALL+ABOUT+IT+MP4+23MB.mp4


What is that light in the middle right behind it?.


There is some apparently empty bright blue room. He (or she?) is the medium sized grey in the window. Right to the left (the ET visitor/observer’s left) is the darker chamber of the craft that s/he is in. This is an untouched, no color corrected crop of a zoomed 13MP HDR night mode EV +3 exposure setting Android camera.

The ET and I were looking at each other. 4real. That was like almost a year ago. I think the above picture was the night of January 17th 2018.


When I was 14 my friend and I was walking thru the neighborhood during the day. There was nobody around. Right about six feet from the tops of our heads th is thing was hoovering above us. It looked like a about a four foot long machine with fire shooting out the bottom right above our heads. Somebody said it was prob a weather balloon but I looked up pictures of weather balloons and this did not look anything like weather balloons.


Also it followed along us. For about a minute.


Yes. I have been followed up a mountain. I was very brave. I chased it all the way up, got out of the car and ran after it… then it disappeared at the top.

At the top, I saw dozens of crafts parked in the valley it overlooked. 1am. They are mostly nocturnal it seems to me.

I have hundreds of ET craft and energetic photos. But I don’t feel like sharing them, just the handful above… The video of their incredible rainbow flaring mega Starstation City is enough… 100% real. Look how I am trying to bring the binoculars on a stick in the ground into view of it and focus, etc. It’s unquestionably real at this point because it is just constantly drooling with authenticity.


What’s on the top of that thing on the left side it looks like a eye or bubble.or something.?


Their craft in this event came down and landed on the intersection by my house. I was outside at 1am. I saw him. I captured the photo of them. There were a couple younger ones it appeared. I felt very much like they were a family from another planet someone, out sightseeing in the universe. There is a street-sign post… under that is a light on the craft that is attached to the craft; not the street-sign post.


My friends mom said I think it was in Kentucky a giant craft landed in the backyard of her friends farm.


Okay, that makes since. I would have been pretty scared. Its good you got pictures.


too many pictures… there are millions of ETs on Earth or in the skies or in cities in Antacrtica right now, every minute of the day. they don’t always cloak. they have cloaking to make their crafts invisible. usually they leave the window uncloaked so they can see out.

These two new and awesome SPACE documetaries are really a “MUST SEE!” for

That documentary is the 2nd half of the combo set “ABOVE MAJESTIC” and

Here is the MP4 download.±+SKYNET+VISUAL+DECLASSIFICATION-911MBVersion.mp4

Let’s download a 100 copies, archive, share, memory cards are discreet.

The Bigger Truth is an Open Subject.

Here is a 9.7MB version of the most incredible sighting ever so far, a starstation class MEGAVehicle:

Please download and save/archive copies of this, until it is properly seeded on various video sharing serivces. Thank you! (This is the 22.9MB version of the 5:37min spectacular video that you will probably want to view in amazement about 10 times or maybe more.)

Please download and save/archive copies of this, until it is properly seeded on various video sharing services. Thank you! (This is the 9.7MB version of the 5:37min spectacular video that you will probably want to view in amazement about 10 times or maybe more.)


Thank Lou!s and Thank you too!


I know around the 1980s there were a lot of reports of abductions by UFO’s. I haven’t heard about many lately.


Well hopefully instead they are now gearing up to also soon quickly abduct the class of criminals out of our government before all those sealed indicted rats can scurry too far from convenience for today’s new superheros, along with QANON, WWG1WGA!


Oh, that would be awesome.


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Those stations in the Antartica, some say they are crafts but I think they are nucleor weapons. But not sure.


i haven’t been that far south… yet…


This is pretty cool


will check it out.

Uploading the Extraterrestrial Gold Rainbow StarStation Video to Vimeo now…

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