Thing About the 1st Amendment


Alex and many others are assuming Trump can do something about people getting banned on PRIVATE networks, HE CAN NOT. He has no power over the censorship on twitter, fb, etc. Both the right and the left are being banned, one side more so or quicker but both sides are being banned. As far freedom of speech IN AMERICA not the world wide web, he has done something, he made it so colleges won’t be getting money if they don’t allow freedom of speech.

As far as what should or should not be banned, how do you write that into law that does not break the first amendment? Many don’t want ISIS videos etc posted but saying ‘learn to code’ is okay. It is called freedom of speech. Mexico for example the age limit is 14 so many mexicans post photos of naked 14 year olds, but in normal civilizations this would be child abuse. So do we write a law allowing Mexico to have their right to 14 year old porn or do we follow Americans law? Do you people get it? It’s the world wide web meaning THE ENTIRE WORLD NOT JUST FREAKING AMERICA. So how the hell does anyone write laws protecting free speech when nobody even knows what the hell it means or entails. ISIS has every right to post their dumb bs, because it is freedom of speech, as is posting learn to code, but now everyone is offended by everything so everyone is getting banned except CNN. And trust me man, if the ‘elitists’ wanted Alex gone he would’ve been killed years ago as they do to anyone else who states .000001% of what Alex has. Bought, bought, bought. Let’s get real here, this was a planned event, Alex knew of it, for what purpose, who knows.

TRUMP IS NOT A TRAITOR. TRUMP IS NOT BETRAYING ANYONE. YOU ARE ALEX. YOU ARE THE BOUGHT OFF DOUCHEBAG. The cost of the new studio amongst everything else, who is funding you? You sided with Joe Rogan, a soros puppet and now pushing anti-Trump agenda. Good luck trying to brainwash the rest of the world to your own corruptness. Stfu already with your anti Trump propaganda. Go vote for Bernie have fun.