This happened to me, and here is my story. This is not a test


I am a contractor who for many years have worked in Hospitals throughout the entire country, including Hawaii and Alaska, and almost every Air Force Base. I had clearance and still have my ID’s to prove it.

I was on a trip late last year and working at Carle Hospital in Champaign Ill, when my troubles began, at the time Proud Boys were near, and Alex had just been kicked off the Social Media, and I was supporting the Info War by wearing my Info T’s on my time and reading Killing the Deep State by Dr.Corsi. I also had a hat with a Dr.Shiva Ayyanduri button on it. Not suspecting anything or anyone would F?ck with me, I was quite naive, and quite trusting.

As I have mentioned before that I have been tortured in another post, I had my suspicions on what had happened I did not know this, at the time of this experience.

I was working in the Basement of Carle Hospital with 5 other people, assembling products the Hospital had ordered.

I take the InfoWar Vitamins and they are quite helpful, however someone had tampered with them, someone had gone into my briefcase either at the Hospital,Hotel, or the Rental car. I was under the Illusion that Free Speech was a protected practice and safe to do in the USA, I was wrong.

What I am about to write out will make me seem insane or crazy however I am of strong mind and will, even while poisoned.

I knew I was in enemy territory as most of the people around me were Democrats, I did not realize that they truly wanted to torture or kill me because of my beliefs. I was truly not aware of the EVIL that was about to strike me.
Beware of the musty sweet smelling areas of the heartland, as these areas are the most dangerous,

While in the Basement of Carle Hospital, I felt as if a foreign voice/s had entered my ears, it was quite disturbing, very unnatural and led to my decisions not to reenter the basement out of fear whether rational or or not.
Carle is the only place that I have witnessed not using traditional cleaning methods to kill germs or pathogens, they use a strange mixture of aerosol sprayers to mist the air, and this is the 1st time I have seen green looking people, as they came into the sunlight.

I left and booked a room at the Indy Airport Crown Plaza, as I used to fly nothing but Southwest.
That night while at the Hotel should have been a relaxing stay, however the same aerosol smell that I had encountered at Carle was at the Hotel. I have stayed at this Hotel before and it always had smelled clean like Lysoll or Pinesol, not this strange musty sweet smell.
That night was mostly a sleepless night, as I was truly terrified for my life.
I took the airport shuttle and went through airport security without any issues, while waiting at the Indy Airport a strange feeling came over me, or an outside voice had entered into my head. I had booked my bags onto the flight.

It was the 1st time I had walked away from a flight, and walked away from the Airport, this lead to another 3 days fighting for my life.

I will spare you the Torture and the other parts of this journey. This is real, this is the Technology that we are facing and this is not a joke, or a troll. This happened to me and if I ever find the one/s behind this I will as God is my witness, will kill them slowly and will bring the Wrath of God upon these EVIL people.
I was singled out because of my beliefs and who I support, and yes they will and are doing this to destroy the USA.
I know it’s not a sin to kill,it’s a sin to murder and if I ever come across this EVIL again I will sin.

This was recently uploaded and explains what has happened to me.

I have lost my contracts, lost my career, lost my way to pay my bills,taxes, and be able to survive, I am on my last dime, and soon fear I will with be with the fallen Patriots, I pray this finds you and helps you to avoid or survive this EVIL.

This is a Dire Warning to all Info Warriors this Evil is all around us, esp in blue states, go undercover or have security with you. Do not fall victim as I did, I would not wish this upon any other even my enemies.

Take Care,
God Bless and God Speed Patriots.
Anthony P Mason aka Antonworekilt


I’m not sure what to believe anymore, but I do believe you. I go to the VA, I know first hand what they are capable of.


Really good video. Im glad I don’t fly much.
Can we say no to airport body scanning. I think we have to go through it.?


If 5G can detect EEG, wonder if 5G can induce a heart attack
We fight against powers, principalities and rulers of darkness in higher places. So put on the full armour of God.


No…you can Opt-Out of the Scanner and take the physical Pat Down, I’m not sure which is worse. I haven’t flown since The Patriot Act and the TSA were implemented, I refuse to comply.


The pat down was not to bad when I did it, I think that enough patriots have hit the barbed wire first on that shit, that its not as big a deal to opt out as it once was,
A note tho is I did not go for a privet pat down and had it done right there by the machine, this way is faster, I think bothers the TSA people less (fuck those people tho, anything to make there day harder am I right?), and has the added benefit of other people(your piers) watching whom all have cameras they can whip out if the agent is trying to do some wack shit

opt out,
and opt out, out in the open


I’ve been through the scanners more times than I can count, flown hundreds of times throughout the day time, I’m done, looking for work locally.

This is a warning to all those who live in the States, be very careful, there is EVIL, and reprobate minds everywhere, this is a Warning.

Info Warriors and Patriots are easy targets today, and any one wearing a Trump T or MAGA cap.

You think nothing will happen until Evil touches you, and this 5G stuff is way worse than you can imagine, and the people behind it and the use of it.

Things to avoid if a similar event happens to you, avoid open top soda fountian’s, restaurants where the food can be tampered with, buy pre-packed food stuffs.
Get only closed top bottles or have a water bottle filter.

The 3 books that helped me were a small travel bible, a small book on staying calm, and the Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Eric Weiss,circa 1997 while outdated on some topics, most of it is still of great use, and for such a small book covers many aspects you cannot find in today’s books. Amazon it and buy a copy, they can be very expensive to get. I’ve seen copies go for $50 or more…

Today’s travel medicine books are either how to apply a band aid/ scrapes, or are huge indexes on info, both are useless if you have to carry them any distance.
I found these on at Amazon, the 1st two are exactly what I have the bible I have is the same size as this one, however this one looks nicer than mine.

Yes you can opt for a pat down at the airport, and yes most of the time you might be safe at a airport.
This 5G weapon that was used on me is no joke, nor are the people behind it. They are truly Evil, and until it touches you, it is very hard to understand what it is.

Being a Info Warrior and your level of activism may or may not bring Evil into your life, I am trying very hard to warn as many people to this danger. And until it happened to me I really had no clue to the true Evil that does exist.

I have not told any one about the Details of the actual torture or the horrors that were in my luggage waiting for me.
Needless to say it was a not good experience, and has shaken me to the core.
It has made me very mad at this Evil that is about to be spread worldwide, and rolled out on the public.

This tech coupled with the reprobate minds of these Evil people is very dangerous, and the tech does exist, so do the Evil people who use it.

I fear now that I have shared this Info they will come for me soon, call it my spidey sense.
Just remember they can re-animate your dead body and torture you forever,
unless you put a slug through your brain pan, or burn your self and make sure your brain/spinal cord is damaged beyond repair. This is a gruesome thought, I’ll admit, and I pray I have the fortitude and the courage to do so, I never want to go through this torture experience again.

Regardless of how much you pray to Jesus and God, it will come down to your will to survive, and I pray no one else is ever subjected to what I have gone through and have seen, it is truly a terrifying experience…

One thing to remember God will never forsake you.
Take Care be safe.


What Carle Hospital? If its the one in Urbana, it used to be psych ward lol
“In 1931, J.C. Thomas Rogers and Hugh L. Davison, two physicians from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, moved to Urbana and opened what was then called Carle Memorial Hospital and the Rogers-Davison Clinic. Housed in the abandoned Eastern Illinois Medical Sanitarium…”


Maybe they still have a psych ward near the basement of that hospital and are using testing those weapons on the psych patients. And antonworeakilt got part of from being in the basement. I’m sure that stuff could go thru the walls. I wonder there may be others that have been affected too at that hospital.


It was in Champiagn Ill, it’s very large 813 w church st.


I was targeted I believe in what I wear and who I am, my MAGA cap with Infowar T’s, while I did not see a psych ward it is possible they have one, I was in their new SPD department, assembling equipment the Hospital had ordered.
It was on the last day there that it began, I have been consumed with finding out what happened. And today with this latest whistleblower’s info it all makes sense.

I can go into more details on the Torture and what was inside my luggage, however I will need you to sign a non disclosure agreement for that detail.
This was 5G Millimeter Wave tech, it can be directed to one or a thousand people, it’s up to the operator of the equipment, on how it’s deployed.

Whether the 5G that is about to be deployed will have the same possible controls I don’t know, I do know that if I go over to the other side, and have to stand in front of God, I want to be able to tell him I warned others of this Evil.

Look at Trumps EMP executive order to harden the Grid, it reality it will ensure that the 5G grid will not fail.
5G makes having a gun useless, as 5G causes such pain and such disorientation to make handling it very difficult let alone shooting anything.

I put this information out at a great risk to my life, a risk I’m willing to take to warn others of this Evil Tech.

I had my doubts that such things were possible until it happened to me, and Alex and crew know this, and maybe one day he will discuss this, if we win this war.

Take it or leave it, it’s free will after all. Until 5G hits you, then not so much. In the End God Wins.


Thanks for.sharing this information. I believe all ready the 34g causing loud ringing in the ears that they call tinnitus. When these 5G s are installed. Can they use them as a weapon from the towers? To target. ?



This sounds like nonsense.


So you think there are 2 possibilities of what happened. Either you got drugged/poisoned by someone or you think you were targeted with a 5G weapon?

Sorry to hear. Are you back to normal now?


Doubtful. It sounds like old technology. The directional audio transmitter or “sound spotlight” has been around for a while now.


i am better now thanks. This is what happened, you don’t have to trust me, or believe I don’t care.


Oh we have an expert on this, look asshole this is the truth you mother fucker I put myself out to give out real info to keep ya’ll safe and this is the reception I get go fuck yourself.
Pray you don’t cross my path.


I’m just clarifying the story. Glad to hear you are good now! Praise God!


Jesse Ventura did an episode on this where targeted people were all hearing the same woman’s voice projected into their head and had her talking shit to them. Projecting a sonic wave into your brain it seems is “easy”, when you “hear it” you will not be able to locate which direction it came from because the wave is bypassing your ears. Our stereo hearing from our opposing directional ears helps us locate the directional source of sound, however bypass your ears and the wave form just appears.


call me!!!