This happened to me, and here is my story. This is not a test


I didn’t say I am expert. I am just saying that given what you described, it is more likely that you were exposed to something like an audio spotlight. You don’t even understand what 5G is. Speculating it’s “5G” that made you hear voices makes you look like an idiot. Don’t talk about things you don’t understand. Educate yourself first before making yourself look like an ignorant fool.

Stop crying like a bitch because someone disagreed with you.

Or what, tough guy?



5G can cause thermal and non-thermal damage, not make someone hear voices as far as I know.


I live in Champaign illinois. I believe you but luckily I’m over defensive with awareness and more. I know it’s a sea of evil around me. That’s why I both want to leave and don’t. I wear my Infowars shirts and hoodies. I have bumper stickers and get talegated often.

I worked at Carle 3 years ago and I was always looking over my shoulder. Cops here are crooked. It’s not the worst but it’s a moderately small population. Wish I knew a warrior was in the area.


Did you catch the video? Guy was explaining technology to make people hear things. Why wouldn’t you target a hospital? I never experienced what he did though.


Yes, he was talking about the LRAD. That’s not 5G technology.


I trust your knowledge over mine. I’ve done no research into it. I’m guessing 5g will put that that other technology on gogo juice. It will go from pushing sounds to pushing more. Just my conspiracy theory lol


I posted that video up there… Yeah it’s not 5G tech… it’s older tech but 5G will be MUCH WORSE!! and they will probably incorporate 5G tech in with the old tech and it’s just gonna be BAD!! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

PS thank you for share @antonworeakilt!! I know that took courage… It’s never easy sharing stuff that even you yourself question in the realms of sanity… I believe you… It’s gonna get alot worse before it ever gets better… But God is definitely in control… May God have mercy and keep us safe in these dark days!! :pray::heart::pray::heart:


Thank you for you’re understanding, quite kind of you.
Thank you


Thank you for this post. Without Jesus, I could not deal with it.