This is YOUR KEY to get Politically Involved to change the failed state of California


Many times on Alex Jones’ Show he tells us st “Get politically involved locally, at a city, district/county, or state level to make changes”… Well my fellow Patriots on the front lines in the fight against Communism in the Socialist Republic of Commifornia (Formally known as the collapsed state of California) the time to act is NOW!!!

I just applied and will keep you updated if I get accepted…

----------------------------------------------Here is whats going on---------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------Please Apply to the link below if you qualify-----------------------------------------

California voters authorized the creation of the Citizens Redistricting Commission (Commission) when they passed the Voters FIRST Act (Act) in 2008. The Act requires the State Auditor to initiate and implement an application process for selecting the 14 members of the Commission.

You can apply for the 2020 Commission if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Have been a registered voter since July 1, 2015 (check voter registration status);
  • Have been registered without a, or “independent” of any, political party (decline-to-state or no party preference) or registered with the same political party since July 1, 2015; and
  • Voted in at least two of the last three statewide general elections.

However, an applicant is ineligible to serve on the Commission if the applicant has a conflict of interest as defined by the Act within the 10 years prior to submitting an application.

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