Thoughts on how to avoid government taking your guns


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Ok Patriots,

Lets imagine a world where Kamal Harris wins President in 2020 and Eric Swalowswell is the Vice President. Within 6 months a National gun confiscation is in place effective immediacy. Aside from standing your ground and defending your rights by Waco style standoffs; what would you do to avoid confiscation? Please really think about it what can you do to avoid this, PLAY CHESS NOT CHECKERS…What do you do?

  1. First, talk about it.

  2. Learn to shoot guns.

  3. Save up money.

  4. Find ways to legally buy guns.

  5. Try to hide them everywhere.

  6. Come back to this thread for more ideas, etc.

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If you put that aside, you have no option left but to comply, or not let them know you are not in compliance.

To avoid confiscation, you obviously would have to resort to some method of not complying while giving the impression you are complying.


The day my government comes to disarm my family, I will die. That’s a fact.

But for the sake of the question I would think it would be best to be mobile or in a safe place out of the city, away from anybody. Going against the police state with your cache of firearms is suicide.
Another thought would be to have a registered firearm as a “decoy” to hand over and have your other firearms unregistered and hidden.


That’s an option. Falls in line with giving the impression of compliance.


Give them up according to that :point_up:

But I’m just a guy that wants freedom.

Liberty or Death.


Dig some holes and put each gun in a different hole. put a bone in a diffferent hole in a opposite direction so the dog dont sniff your gun out.
Then if your gun is registered but pretty soon people wont register their guns because everything now is considered a mental illness. but if they are registered then tell them your guns were stolen. Also they have to have a warrant to go in youe home so dont let them in. Also get a water proof gun holder and through it in your pond in the backyard.


Here was my thought…

We would need to Smollett the Police State. Have a plan in place with ONLY GROUPS OF TWO FAMILIES (Father, Son/Uncle etc.).

Have them leave the weapons/rifles out staged as if they were being cleaned and the realitive leaves for a long period of time (Hours or most of the day/night). Stage a break in (wearing gloves) leave no prints or tools behind (Ensure they took down surveillance systems or not have one).

Upon the realitives return they will file a police report that the weapons were stolen (Knowing of the underlying situation). You would have the weapons and ammunition stored away in a weather proof air tight underground storage. The storage does not need to be massive…just large enough to fit the arsenal and munitions. Just a thought have it under a deck, patched over with Sod, under a shed etc…you get the idea. Just keep it AWAY FROM THE HOUSE!

As far as the government is concerned you no longer have these weapons, so confiscation will not be necessary. The amount of resources needed to track a rifle on the Black Market would be substantial, they’ll assume Chewy & Flocko or MS13 have it.

Just have a plan like this in place, no one will lose their lives; the government will have no probable cause or reason to be suspicious otherwise.

If a large amount of citizens do this the government would not have the resources to keep up and WE THE PEOPLE have the upper hand against the government, and criminals whom will try to take advantage of potential victims they perceived defenseless.

Play chess…not checkers my fellow Patriots!


I like the idea theoretically.

However you got to remember that whoever controls the media controls the minds of men.

That already has proven to be an issue.


As long as you can trust your Father, Brother or whomever you are closest with…you will be fine. Start building a pack now, have plans in place in case they throw the election.


Find a place in the woods put old looking signs that say beware of landmines. Barry your guns food, etc.


The problem is some of the relatives will listen to fake news propaganda. Then also have a plan with more people. Have several meeting places. Best to get Infowars barbecues together, invite neighbors, family. Have some people pitch in for hamburgers, etc. Most people cant pass up a good barbrcue. Find a good militia, look for them in your area meet them, talk with them find out where are they coming from so you are not entangled with the wrong people or hot-headed people.
Have several meetings with them.
Does not even have to be the militia just people with guns and your views in your cities espescially in your neighborhood. So when the SHTF you atleast have people you can call on in times of emergency. You gotta have back up. Best go to some NRA meetings near you, get to know who people are.


Quick question. Has there ever been a successful gun confiscation attempted on a country as large as ours plus with as many guns in circulation of its people?

If so, what didn’t work for them?


The fake news will be telling people turn in your guns and get a $25, $100 gift certificate at Walmart… They will be turning them in like crazy. Unless they are red pilled.


Gaaa! I hope not! That’s when you’re around the corner offering them more money!


I think because of the license plate scanners. I wouldn’t drive anymore. That’s the way they would confiscate, hold you in custody while they rummage through your house.

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Australia. Mandatory gun buyback. Now they are being swamped with Muslim refugees and the government is worse.


No offense but, I think the timeline (6 months after inauguration) and the political/legal premise (confiscation of all guns) both err on being too extreme. This is much more likely to be slow walked for the exact reasons and reactions that some have expressed when role-playing out this topic.

First, the initial laws would not be “confiscation of guns” but rather make the sale of certain guns illegal. Then after some time, the laws would shift to “possession of certain guns” is illegal. Even, when possession of certain guns is illegal, this does not give the government the right to barge into your home just to look for these “certain guns.” However, if you’re walking through the woods or heading to the shooting range with an “illegal” firearm, yes, it could be confiscated.


The population of Australia is around 25 million. There are estimates of over 300 million guns in the hands of 300 million+ people here and that’s lowball numbers.

Australia doesn’t count. Any others?

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Good point. I’m not sure of any other country quite like America.