To All New Members On INFOCOMMS


Welcome to the fight against tyranny and glad you are here to help with activism. The main purpose of COMMS is to exchange information and act against tyranny!!!

Unfortunately there are many bad actors on this forum of different origins. Exercise caution when interacting with anyone on here. Best practice is not to give out any personal information here. Do not use the same password here as you do your banking site. Things like that!!!

The members that do actually get involved in activism will eventually get things turned around here!!!

Again, welcome!!!




Right on! Welcome to the nubes.:sunglasses:


Yes, indeed…welcome the “nubes” to INFOCOMMS!!!

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Welcome to the fight! Stay frosty…The Emporer has no clothes.

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Thanks for the welcome. FYI - my “newness” to this website in no way indicates newness to the movement - I have been active for well over a decade and a half in various fora and functions, including inside fedgov. I am looking to connect with 3%, OKers and other patriot preppers, both local (L.I.N.Y.) & national, for the coming activities.

Over the years I have found AJ and IW to be generally ahead of the curve with respect to analysis - but they must be “filtered” and taken in the context of other, more “conventional” channels (which also require “filtering” and discernment) . The best way to get the “big picture” is to take info from as many sources as possible and apply logic and reason - then decide which sources are consistently closest to the mark over time.

Anyway - I look forward to learning what this site has to offer in regard to intelligent discussion, analysis and cooperative action.


That’s it right there… That’s why we’re here.

I’m in a Smart City too, Chicago. Been a long time listener, but this site could be my introduction to getting out there in support of Liberty. I’ve got a Family now, and I’m not leaving Chicago.

Time for me to Dig In, Stand My Ground and try to get more people around me
on the Right Side of History.


Not exactly sure how to read these Stats… (if anybody can, let me know)

Looks like we have an additional 50 or so Members here since last I checked…??
(About a Week or so ago)
I could be wrong, but I have noticed some new members posting.

Either Way

Welcome Newbies




What other sources do you like, recommend please? if you would care to share.

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Library’s and Databases rather then YouTube or Facebook… by exploring academic papers and studies, among a plethora of other sources that extend beyond what is Typically and common to the Mainstream or to the Average person.

Consider the INTERNET (“Publicly Available Information”) as a whole is but only 17% of What is actuality Available and known (“Dark”,“Deep”, “Freenet”, etc…"), even so and with the advancements of technology today we are only exposed to and have access to roughly 20% of but ONE library that which there are very Many.

we will NEVER know, if we’re relying a YouTube to Tell us a truth. unfortunately the best Resource is First hand Study, just as it has always been…

Watching YouTube is not Research, Nor is it Study.

“There Are People Whom Can Only Offer What They Think, And Others Whom Can Only Offer What They Know”

“There Are The People Whom Write The Books, Then There Are Others Whom Read Them”

Just some sayings to consider…