Trinity church wall street recent grants

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2018 audit financial report



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ya its pure evil headed up by satan they are able to fund their operation through norges bank investment and bank of china etc. her herself is a false priest clealry but god is good and ajust god and his judgements will be with them accordingly through his power. Thats why i have no worry about anything for myself if i continue to follow him, but i have my worry for all my brothers that are lost and as the bible calls “stiffneck and having harden hearts”. I dont think Jesus is talked about enough of how hes the one in charge and we need not to worry so damn much. Because our lord and savior says for us to repent in all our ways and follows his commandments and we will be protected by the disease, pestilence, and famine. Most importantly eternal life being all crowned with beautiful unique crowns so it important to keep sharing this kind of info and the gospel most importantly, because that true gospel is what is only going to save anyone, so everyone needs to see and hear this kind of things. have a blessed day