Troll Tagging On The Comms


Can upper management maybe make a troll tag for individuals they deem as trolls? Not like a flag system from we the comms but more of a hands on approach from the backdoor team. No one should make recommendations but upper management should be able to show us they are watching at the least. This is just an idea. Could be bad, could be good, just a thought.


Or perhaps the people here are wise enough to figure it out for themselves. What you’re suggesting is as bad as big tech censorship.


Not censorship, more of a warning tool. Like I said this could be good and or bad thing. This is why we should discuss it.

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Thats like putting the Star of David on members… @rickMAGAvich with respect just use the ignore fuction, do not engage the ones you deem trolls, make sure you have thick sick when logging in. This forum can put you in a bad mood if you are not prepared.


Or you can just ban them.

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@joey , your retarded… @Minutemen-Of-America your right in that aspect. That actually just changed my mind completely. Thank you


I triggered him the other day. MO achieved :ok_hand:t2:

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Joey is like the annoying house fly around the dinner table.

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Or like a dung beetle you can’t* unstick from the bottom of your shoe.

plz meme this



My man…Pure gold…keep em coming.


How about putting a cute ladybug on their profile picture so you can easily spot them?


It appears these measures have already been implemented…

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Was there a pun in there @Rob_Roy?



…and 20 characters.


I’m a freaking Lady Bug. Not a fly. But for all you ladies out there, I’d love to be a fly on ya wall, ya know what I mean, ya feeling me hey baby.



creepy to say the least

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The Butterfly is the New Blue Verified Twitter Account Check! That means, they’ve arrived.

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Turn their profiles to my avatar, the Butterfly, and then people will think those accounts are mine and then ignore them like they ignore me, problem solved. Very easy. Associate trolls with me and then people can be like, “Ahhh, that’s Creepy Joe Arnold Biden. Moving on.” Freaking Lady Bug, some people have already said that many of the accounts on the Infocomms are mine. Therefore, it would be totally believable by many people if they were told that all the trolls are made of oatmeal. Problem solved. Just stick my face on anything you don’t like. That is like posting a Keep Out Sign. Cuz you know, where there is a Fly, there bounds to be some sweet, smelly, yucky, disgusting, brown sugar looking, black molasses flowing, original green oatmeal, a meal fit for the gods.