Truly Voting with your Dollars - Promote the Public Dollar


How is it that with all the patriotism for the Nation of America and yet there is little to no recognition given to the Real American Dollar which is Coin, the original Dollar. Why isn’t importance placed on the free peoples currency, and why don’t they appreciate and circulate that which is their own? Why do they continue to use private products, the source of their woes, and not their public product? Do they not know the difference or do they not care, and if they don’t, then prolonged is the oppression.

Make known of that which is the Real American Dollar of Liberty from ‘Big Banks’, that is Coin, the platform for which rests the framework of the Nation and their Liberties. There is a differences in the Dollars; Public and Private, Owning and Owing, Physical and Virtual, Security and Convienence, Real and Fake. Choose Real American Dollars, that is Coin!

Promote the the use and circulation of the Real American Dollar, which is Coin, it’s intent is decentralization by many from control of the few. De-Platformed, rather Re-Platformed are the many because they weild instruments of Private Credit, the The Federal Reserve Notes, the BankCards, Chips; the Private Products of Banks. Broadcast Coin, Transmit Liberty!

The use of the Real American Dollar by the many will return Liberty to themselves, the would-be-free, and bring gravity to the Dollar and their Disgression. The Dollar exists through today since 1792, the peoples currency has always been Coin. Return Coin to Markets & People, so they decide value and rule their Lands and houses of Goverment.

The Real American Dollar is an instrument capable of liberating many and is a great responsibility to bare, as it is an agent under-pinning the Nation, so should it be safe guarded from corruption, and free of the corrupt. The Americans platform is the Dollar. It should be everywhere. The Federal Reserve System is placed atop of, in-line, AND between the people and their Real Dollar. Simply choose Coin to opt-out, circulate the Public product and give support to yourself and the Nation by use.

The Real American Dollar is NOT a Federal Reserve Note, IS NOT a Digital Value that is product of Big Banks such as Visa, IS NOT of Blockchain, BUT IS of Coin composed of elements of metal which does not occupy Cyberspace. Coin is product of gravity, the real, for use by the many.

Promote the use of The Real American Dollar that is Coin, a blessing in guise of burden, the lie. A war long on-going over use of a national instrument, a product of people, for the People, Out of many, One! Americans must not fight this war with violence, only should they peacfully redeem private credits for their own and circulate their own product. That is appreciation of the value of the Dollar. Never forget what the Real Dollar is, withdrawl Coin. 12 U.S.C 411 is U.S Code Redemption Law.

The answer to 1913 IS 1792!


May you post pictures?


The Coins are of Dollars and Cents. Today, you should be concerned with the Cent, 1/100th Centium aka Penny, which is currently Zinc masquerading as Copper. There is the Nickel, it’s 5/100th of a Dollar or five cents, and is consistent with original. Those are instruments of ‘Copper’, and ‘Nickel’. The ‘Silver’ instruments are the 1/10th which is the Dime, the 1/4th or the Quarter Dollar, there is the Half-Dollar 1/2, and finally there is the Eisenhower Dollar which is the ‘Whole Dollar’. These ‘Silver’ instruments are equally weighted, i.e ten dimes, four quarters, or two halves is equal in ‘Silver’ weight to 1 whole or 1 Dollar, around 1 Troy Ounce. How much is an ounce of Silver today and what was the price in the pre 1860’s, before the Silver war? There not too long ago, instruments of ‘Gold’ was in circulation, early 1900’s, also with 1/10th, 1/4th, 1/2th and 1 Troy Coins; they for obvious reasons had higher Dollar denominations than the Silver. While real Silver and Gold instruments are not currently being publicly circulatated, due to the non-valuing of the Real Dollar by non-circulation. Those mentioned at the beginning and depicted, are available to you now. There with use, real versions will return. Public demand is key. You can order all from a Bank, if they do not have on deposit, order, they are Member Federal Reserve System. This is how you literally Cash-out of the Federal Reserve System, the Private Credit Clouds like V|!sa, this is the Audit. How much does 1-Ton of “Pennies” value for in Dollars. How strong is that virtual foundation of private credits, built atop the real Dollar. There is a disappearing act taking place. How about an appearing act for a change.



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It would follow with many deciding value, not the few. The lights are off, the house is nearly rotted, it’s condemed and haunted by spirit demons known as Federal Reserve System and fiends. There is a lot of degeneration in this house, this is the condition public Dollar today. What if it was bright, clean, excersized and occupied by many of good, Silver and Gold would line all corners. Copper leads to Silver, to Gold.

1/10th 1913 $2.50
What a year!


If the bank does not have on deposit then order. Take notice of the Notes section depicted, The Eisenhower, the consistantly weighted Dollar is being disappeared. Also the ‘.org’ domain, is not ‘.gov’, it’s private! Create demand, a flow of circulating activity and watch it stay present, it will then change as caterpiller does. Take YOUR own Real Dollars back into your hands, away from the possession of the Big Banks, so that once again Liberty will reign with the People, the Many, will have a say. The shift will happen, is happening. Tilt the scales toward your behalf, for the benefit of all. Become the weight, the wherewithal.


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What are you suggesting here exactly? People should dump paper & go exclusively to coin? How would we pay our bills?


Use of Private Credits keeps the real Public Dollar out of circulation, out of the hands of many, it promotes Debt and Inflation. Where as Coin promotes deflation, appreciation ans reverses debt. Primarily the real Dollar should be publicly traded. Coin should be used in day-to-day activities and used when ever possible. Private products of Banks should be restricted for special circumstances, and avoided. Money should not be left unto care of the Banks, necessary amounts should be kept, all else is to be withdrawn as Coin, the Publics currency that is liberty of the “Big Banks”. The goal is to circulate and promote use of Coin, the public product, as it is being disappeared by use of the Private products of Banks. Coin needs to be brought close and dispersed into the Communities at hand. Why should the Public conform to the Private, the destroyer of Real value, by which it’s being agressivly consumed. Coin needs to be distributed and circulating for it’s intentions to function correctly. With use, one gains perspective and understanding. It’s your choice, it’s everyones.


It’d be too hard to carry around that kind of change. I’d think most places only accept cash or card, some checks. I like where your head’s at. But it’s just not feasible. Unless it was an experiment some small community wanted to do together. It would have to be a self sustainable, off the grid community. Completely cut off from corporations & government interference. At that point though they wouldn’t even need a currency. I don’t know, paying for bills or whatever with coins would be hard. I give Eisenhower dollars & Kennedy half dollars as tips. I can’t see carrying around more than $20.


Your willingness to carry ‘the burden’ is all that is required. You are indicating the inflation, the acceptance as result of private policy, that’s the real Dollar being squeezed out of makets. The resistance you notice is the result of the fake dollar, the Big Banks, the disappearence. That is what will ‘overload’ the system and return liberty to the masses, only if you increase the use of public currency, Coin. Most important thing to emphasize is that the burden will be greatly reduced with more circulation.


C’mon now, how would someone pay their rent & utilities?


Change is the scraps one receives after spending Notes, Coin is Coin. They pay in person. Where there is a will, there is a way, just notice there are options for situations. I use money orders, purchased in Coin. Grab some rolls of Coin, buy something with something. Every use of Coin matters, circulation is key. Coin carries a great stigma due to private policy. Promote the use of Coin or else it will be relegated to history and wars would be fought to return it, the window of oppertunity is fastly closing, with the loss of the public Dollar which is Coin.


What about bartering?.


When I have put Change away it adds up fast. I have put it in the coin machine at the grocery store and it gives me a credit how much it is. Then I buy my groceries. Is that a good way?.


You mean trading? Coin is a public instrument of exchange which facilitates trade.


Ya, I was thinking trading, “bardering”.


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I got three gold coins once, a dollar coins, the president, Hayes, two others. Perfect condition…I know no one would be live me. But they were laying on my kitchen table. No one had been in or out of my place. If somebody had given me them back in change I would have noticed. On the backs They of course say In God We Trust.