Truly Voting with your Dollars - Promote the Public Dollar


Best to spend when you have it if you don’t intend on saving it, then wrap it and spend it. Why should the grocher deny acceptance of real American Dollar, the waters are treacherous. If you accept the loss, machine will generally snag about 10% of what you feed it.


A couple years ago I got into looking at all my coins with a mag glass. Its fun. I found penny worth $20 about two 1964 dimes (not worth a Lot but then if the price of silver goes up, it could be.).


There exists Golden Presidential Dollars, which are the small format Dollar Coins, included is the Sacgawea’ which is also Golden and the Susan B. Anthony’s which followed the Eisenhower Dollar in 1980 is of silver appearence. Even though these are Coins produced by the American people, the Mint. They should be avoided because these Coins are inconsistant with the weights and measures of the Dimes, Quarters, Halves, and Eisenhowers. They yeild only 1/3rd the weight. If I have then, they get spent, though I prefer them over Federal Reserve Notes and Bank Cards in all cases. If they are denominated as $1, i’d assume they are ‘Golden’. If the Coins you had said more than $1, then i’d suspect composition is Gold. In God we trust. Liberty is not written on the Golden Presidential Dollars, however a pictogram, the statue of Liberty is impressed upon. E Pluribus Unum, Out-of-many, one! Decentralization not Concentration.


The benefits of using Coin. You are appreciating.


One of this was the Sacgawawea, holding a baby. They say $1 on them. I still have those three coins put away.


Storing is Stake-Holding. The power is in circulation. No reason why you cannot become a bank yourself, become the authority. Coin is a real security.


So it will be like this :rofl::rofl:


I appreciate your tokens of appreciation offered as gratuity as that is in fact appreciation of the Dollar and all members involved, including yourself. America is a Club, a Union, and Coin is of that. Where is their monies and why is it not circulating among them. They are Nation of Federal Reserve System, Employees of Visa and other Clouds of Private Credit. Continue the promotion.


That is Bold! Give somthing for something. Were they both happy with the trade. Concider that case along with properties of Coin, it’s makeup, and the supply since it can’t be copied. There is a limited supply, unlike Notes or Digital Credits. That would’nt allow for this wheelbarrowing to happen on a mass scale, or slightly mass scale, enters deflation and that is the flashpoint, when the phase changes. Public demand is key! The system of the Dollar will react to specification, it can go the other way toward Silver, toward Gold. It’s meant to be a system of vaule with digits that are highly valued. The people should be highly valued and appreciated. Silver and Gold awaits. Liberty abound!


What is a Dollar? A History of the United States Dollar


This is why Physical Coin is so important. Avoid the Paper and Digital currencies. Choose the original American money which is Coin. It does not require electricity, internet, or authorization and it cannot be embedded in your hand.
This is the 5G, the BlockChain, AI, Location tracking, RealID, Immigration, Medical Records. Be without chip!
Opt-Out by using the real American Dollar that is physical Coin, the peoples currency of Liberty from the Big Banks! Redeem 12 U.S.C 411.


I kind of like the idea too, but getting change all on coin would suck. No one carries more than quarter dollars. Carrying ten bucks worth in your pocket is problematic. Having some gold and silver on hand isn’t a bad idea though, just not for day to day transactions.


Use causes reduction in what you have to carry, that is appreciation. The Dollar is currently devalued because of the private products of Banks and their policies to promote their own products. Currently, rapid increases in prices are part of policy to further separate the real Dollar from the intended Holders, the many, have nearly been stripped clean. I’ve used Coin for years and spent way more than 10 Dollars at a time, it’s your choice and preference. Though I suggest your choice should be the public Dollar, and not the fake dollars of the Big Banks. With Coin you avoid the Federal Reserve Notes, VISA’, MasterCard’, Blockchain. Further use of the Private Products reduces your actual Liberties. It’s Freedom versus Enslavement.


Its a cool idea, I’m still no convinced of its practicality. Maybe I’ll dip my toe in the water anyway though, and try a few high dollar coins. I do hate globalist big bank bucks.


For about a year now I have been getting increased feedback from the majority of transactions, the Cashiers say they needed Quarters, almost Out of Quarters, and Thank you for the Quarters. Keep in mind ‘Silver Weight’ is consistent. Choose from Dimes, Quarters, Halves, Eisenhower Dollars. Cents and Nickles have their place. I’ve had many instances of shop keepers aquiring hundreds in Coin from me during my day-to-day. I’d suggest starting cover transactions, step it up. You’ll be conducting a survey of sorts, experience Weight and Inflation first hand. You’ll approach and experience Banking policies from a different angle. You’ll be attempting to use the Peoples money, checking the feasibility of the Public’ Dollar, experience the need and stigma associated with its use. Perhaps you’ll gain an appreciation for the Public Instrument of exchange which is American Coin, the Real Dollar and Cents of the would-be-free. Having to conveince to use their own money is unfortunate but is the goal. I appreciate your interest and willingness to try. Liberty!


I remember a boyfriend I had when I was 17 he opened his dress or and he had drwarez of tons of pennies.


What happens if they don’t except the pennies.?.


You have to see, It’s up to you.


My car the change collector. My first car I worked and saved $300 when I was 16. Well it was a used Dodge Lance r and the passenger seat leaned a little too far back. I was ALLWAYS finding change, I guess when the passengers would sit there their change would fall out of their pockets. So I would collect it once a week.
Well anyway. I was only 16. I learned I can’t do that cause its wrong.


Travel tax extracted by the car. A scene soon disappearing as when there is no real Coins.