Truly Voting with your Dollars - Promote the Public Dollar


Good Philadelphia! Now bring your attention to use of Coin, your currency, of which you gave birth, the peoples money of liberty of BigBanks. Abort the Private Instruments of Credit, Notes, Cards. Redeem 12 U.S.C 411 Where is SanFrancisco?

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The only good thing is that they admit there is a problem. However their solution to combat cashlessness is cashlessness. Very sad.



Weighs the same as

$500 in Dimes and Eisenhowers would also weight the same


Issuing of Private Instruments depreciates the value. Ellis Island used to give Coin to immigrants which appreciated the Dollar and the immigrants. Amazing. Blockchain is a major player for immigration funding. Beware.


@independent1792, is the problem the centralized or decentralized monetary payment systems?


Coin should be decentralized with the Many not the few.


@independent1792, good, I think I agree with you.

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San Fran is busy picking up needles and feces.

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Time is coming when they will be busy picking up Coin off of the streets.

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I prey you are correct. On a lighter note I was looking at us coins today. Silver seems more useful than gold. I don’t want to hand out 10 dollar gold pieces, and get ten bucks worth of product when they are worth hundreds of dollars a piece. The note and the currency vary greatly. Also a one oz 20 dollar piece goes for more than the current price of gold. I suppose coining it and supporting the U.S is worth something though.

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That $10 is highly devalued because of the fake which ‘unlocks’ the value of the Dollar and allows it to be inflated. You can see the real intended value of the Dollar through those Gold and Silver pieces by the denomination. Gold is more concentrated in value and mass, is a compact way to carry value as opposed to Silver, then Copper. A large mass reduced to small. You can still use Silver and Gold for trade. General circulation today does not require Silver and Gold but by use of Coin will bring them back to general issue. Demand and use is only thing needed to restore value to the Dollar.


I feel ya. I wonder though, if I walked in to Home Depot and purchased a $1000 snow blower. Would I be able to purchase said snow blower with a twenty dollar 1 oz gold U.S. coin, and receive change for the three hundred dollar difference?


They would likely have no idea how to handle that. At least they would recognize the face value. If i had to, i’d sell the gold for market value. Then aquire Coin from the banks for amount received in Dimes, Quarters, Halves, or Eisenhowers. And then use that for the purchase while saving the remainder. As you say Silver is more useful but Copper is more important at this stage. For savings I’d look into Copper. A box of Cent pieces aka ‘pennies’ is $25 and weighs about 13 pounds. Copper Cents stopped issuing in 1982. 1981 prior are nearly pure bullion of Copper. And some day, if there is a large enough of a public demand for their own Currency, from there you will soon be able to exchange for Silver and or Gold. Then you won’t have trouble utilizing your instruments of Silver and Gold.

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Voting with you dollars mean firstly, removing all your income out of any major financial institution, secondly all purchases should be primarily done through the local economy (No Amazon for sure), thirdly, invest in yourself amd any patriot owned products and avoid leftists institutions especially like facebook and bmw etc. Doing those three things would cripple the enemy. Ive done all 3 years ago. Get started

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Yes. The use of the instrument is choice, currently. Banks cannot be trusted with Dollar and cannot fraction if they don’t posses. Stagnation is death. Circulate Coin. Stagnate the Big Banks. Invigorate local by ordering real wealth back into to the community, bring it close. Coin is for trade and commerce. Coin is Liberty of the Big Banks. Decentralized and Peer-to-peer. General recognition of the Real Dollar is lost to the masses, they must know the difference. Our Coin is Bankless. Our Coin is not borrowed, there is no interest. It is resolved directly. Corruption of the Dollar leads to corruption of Nation. Restore the Dollar, restore the Nation. Federal Reserve should be Public. People should be the Banks, the exchanges. From dependent to independent.


Become the good changers of money. Turn the promises into actual existence, as contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed. Withdraw, Withdraw, Withdraw.

Good info on the copper, thanks.

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Do away with the Corrupt and their dollars. Banish the Gangs, the Big Banks of the Federal Reserve System with their Notes and Debt. Promote We the People. Return Liberty back into the hands of the Many. U.S Coin IS the Legitimate. The price of Gold has a long way to fall! Back into the hands of the People.

“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all of the inhabitants thereof.”

Silver coin drop slow motion

The Sound of Gold and Silver - Tones of the Silver Eagle, Gold Eagle and Morgan Dollar

Ringing the Liberty Bell!

Ringing the Idaho Liberty Bell

Floats prepared in a staging area just before the Bicentennial parade in Washingt

Ringing the Centennial Bell in Independence Hall

Ron Paul Rings The Liberty Bell

Redemption π


I was doing some digging. It looks like China has been manipulating SBR’s. They are pegging the IMF’s SBR to the gold standard to in seat the dollar as the world reserve currency. They are using Swiss banks to buy and sell SBR’s and gold pegging the value around 900 SBR.