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Gotta say, looks like he is finally filling his shoes as president. Looked great in Hanoi, smiling and laughing together with Kim. Very smart to focus on a personal relationship. Hope he gets the concessions weโ€™re after.



My all time favorite Roast :us:


This is crazy knowing what we know now watching Hillary Lie, and Lie, and Lieโ€ฆ


I would have PR Trump sign my bible too. Thatโ€™s awesome.




Iโ€™m Thankful for Trump but
Sometimes I wish Alex was our President.

For real. No joke.



Alex should run, or at least run for some office. So should Owen, Owen is young but how long did it take Trump to become President. Owen could start now and work his way up.


It takes more than heart.
No one but Trump could have beaten Hitlery.
Not even Alex.
Alex might make a good President though.


People have to go back to their gut instincts, usually that is the right one. I know looking back (I was not a political scholar) I watched Al Gore right before he was vice president. I watched him about five seconds and I knew something was wrong with this guy. I canโ€™t explain it but it was like he was empty inside or a shadow following him around.
Also right after the sort of impeachment of Bill Clinton. I think it was on the front page I saw Hillary running for Senate in New York, again I donโ€™t know what it was and canโ€™t explain it but I knew something was not right about this run, her.
Something very corrupt. It was my gut telling me.





I saw that a while backโ€ฆ Makes ya wonder :thinking: