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Christian Bale’s Story About Meeting Donald Trump



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Trump Heads Out In The Cold Rain To Honor The Fallen In Surprise Visit At Arlington National Cemetery


Look at this news article from The Daily Caller :
Trump Unloads On Media After New Strzok, Page Revelations





Melania Stuns In Sparkling White Gown At White House Congressional Ball





Eyes wide open.
Question all.





WaPo Reporter: FBI And CIA Sources Say They Doubt Major Dossier Allegation



Clinton who???!!


Check this out. It’s about Trumps family connection to the last revival in the British Isles on the Isle of Lewis.


Wow, that’s a good article, I’ve never heard of the Hebrides Revival. I believe God prepared Trump way back, with Trump learning business, employing thousands, and thru that go to know how the world operated. But the PR can only do so much, the people need to protest against the evil and at Washington against the evil Nadler Democrats trying to impeach Trump.




Wow, that’s a good video, I don’t remember it.


Pinterest bans natural medicine information but allows minors to view pornographic and violent content





The New York Times Was Against War In Syria Before It Was For It