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Did FBI Agents Threaten President Trump?



MAGA Obsession - President Trump remix

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I see Trump has caved to the Military Industrial Complex.

From 2 months to 4 months. I bet within a couple months, we’ll once again need to have a perpetual presence there.


1st Full Cabinet Meeting 2019


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a. Just sounding off about the 25 House Rhino$ that retired in 2018, if the gop allowed this they are complicit.
b. I saw the voter fraud coming in March 2018, emailed Judicial Watch, True the Vote, Rush, Alex and a few others, couldn’t get a response off the ground…
c. I wish a 6 year snowstorm would close the 3 or 4 skinny roads into the capital, Trump could run the country well enough without dc.




I grow dismayed at even still after two years of scrutiny unlike any other on the planet, folks are still unable to recognize honor, courage, strength, integrity, compassion, leadership, reason and all the other admiral qualities showcased by PDJT.

If after almost two years if you still can’t see all those virtues, you simply do not have the capability to understand what those virtues mean from your NPC download that has conditioned it out of you.


President Trump: I Will Stop United Nations from Forming ‘One World Government’


The People’s President - Trump Welcomes the NCAA Football Champs With American Burgers


This guy makes the case for how God has chosen Trump as America’s president and highlights all of the things Trump has accomplished!!

@TheIsz see I don’t just post negative Trump topics… I think you will find this video interesting as you have highlighted many of the things on this man’s list… Enjoy!!



Fair point, and that’s entirely credit to you for that (as actions do speak for themselves)
I’ll check it out and taste my pallet (if that’s fair?) on its presentation at your behest later. I appreciate the effort.