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No big deal, thanks for your efforts. I don’t mind fair criticism, nor skepticism, it’s healthy, I think it behooves us to allows the possibility for human excellence or it will never come to pass.

Imho, the system is far more broken than PDJT is. Humans are imperfect, ergo anyone is that position will be imperfect. Imperfect can be negotiated, tyranny really can’t.


So Trump caved. Expect impeachment proceedings for failure to uphold the Constitution.


I just came across this and had to share it via screenshot… :thinking:




@itsLenox… He is building the wall as far as I know… He admitted that last month… He just needs the money to pay for it when it’s done… There are some other deeper things going down… You can tell he’s restraining himself… He repeats things ALOT… that’s what I feel anyway… Everything is gonna blow wide open soon…


I think an electric fence would be good but the illegals and drug cartels may be able to hack and dismantle it.


Buckle Up - The Deep State is Coming For Trump and Our Government


I’ve avoided the whole comparison lot of videos but this was rather intriguing… :thinking:


The River Church - Firepower Camp meeting

Was introduced to this church & Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne thanks to Alex Jones & Infowars. I drove from Kansas & visited their church in Tampa and it has brought a BOAT LOAD of joy back in to my life.
As a daily listener of the Alex Jones Show, I had become very jaded with all of the terrible, yet accurate & informative, news that Infowars brings to us.
Long story short, when I read your post I felt like I should encourage you to check out this link or check out any of their church services (live streaming every Sunday 10am & 7pm EST).


@itsLenox - P.S, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is the same guy who authored this book, which I picked up from the Infowars Store…


Trump has officially caved. Just like we knew he would, especially after 2017. He is not a strong President.

  1. Bring these traitors out in the open.
  2. Who are these traitors?
  3. You must identify how to separate them from the goal of
    world control and do it.
  4. This site is great but, it is not going to fight this.
  5. People fight this. Robots take orders.



A question came up about Trump getting a physical. Fireworks to come soon, I have a feeling.


Ummmmmm… I just saw this :thinking:


Great catch MamaPotato! Most of the world loves President Trump, the corporate media would like us all to think otherwise.


I don’t necessarily agree with everything this guy talks about… But he is most certainly intriguing to watch


I’m not sure how old you are, it’s none of my business…I just turned 65, but isn’t it amazing haw much information we have access to nowadays? I grew up listening and believing Walter Cronkite and the likes, they were the only game in town. What an exiting time to be alive, and I’m glad I am, my Grand Parents would be astounded with the technology we have now. It’s the same with music, I honestly went from a wind up Victrola given to my parents by my Grand Parents, from that to 45rpm Records, then to 33rpm Albums, then Reel to Reel Tape, then to 4 Track, then to 8 Track tapes, then to Cassette Tape, then to CD’s, then to MP3, utterly amazing, I got to live that, we also only had AM Radio untill I was a teen, then FM, then FM Stereo. To this day, other than the Internet, my biggest thrill was the first time I ever saw a Color TV, it was in a store front window.