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It’s been like this since I can remember. It stinks when you just want bring the light of truth into a situation and it’s met with intimidation. I love my family but not to the point of natural selection by stupidity!


Oh man brother!! I’ll be praying for you and your family!! These days are becoming more treacherous by the hour… May God have mercy and bless us all and keep us safe in these days ahead!! :pray::revolving_hearts::pray::revolving_hearts:



Thanks @MamaPotato , I feel sorry for people who refrain from even a comparison of a passing thought to what they already believe they know.

This is a real problem when you think about it because a refusal of facts to perpetuate a self serving incomplete truth is dangerous and cowardly if you ask me.

I took away the MAGA hat I gave my dad for Christmas since he comes across like such a simpering limp-wristed flaccid feeble weevil. He can earn it back with due diligence. Wiery of opulent intellectual pseudo Christian hypocrisy in Deseret.



“TRUMP Doing The Bidding of RUSSIA!” :joy:

I :heart: TRUMP



I love MONTY PYTHON… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I used to watch the TV show years ago… Flying circus

My favorite skit whizzo butter lol :grin:


Lots of good treasure in Monty Python. I was making the parallel of Russian collusion/she’s a witch! :smiley:



LOT better than that sorry excuse London put together. Wow.



You should tell Owen. Put it on the Q and A today.


That sounds like the social scoring system.


I’m not much for cryin about it. I appreciate the support y’all! Thank you for being true.

It’s a wild time and I know God won’t put up with us losing the fight, too many butts need kicking. I’m sensitive about the implication of my parents who raised me strong, choosing to not engage in any real understanding of what patriots are fighting for. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, isn’t that right?

In the bible there’s a point in the OT where it shames those who heed not the warning of those who profess of the danger. Turning a blind eye to truth in many ways is equally as bad as bearing false witness.



Despite what the media claims, Trump is just as popular, if not more popular than Obama was at the same points into their Presidencies.