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God help us.


On a lighter note. Thank you El Chapo for the wall.


Google Photos

This from our new infowarrior


…and now expect a doxx with the license plate showing.


He’s used to it
Google Photos


He gave me the photos… It’s on him


You may want to let him know. His problem if he continues it and gets doxxed, though.


I did and he had no problem with it and I actually told him twice,
Thanks for the concern


Fair enough. :slight_smile: We’re already having enough problems with the left wanting to get violent with us over our beliefs, not to mention that other doxx issue we saw about seven threads on; I’d rather not see us volunteering ourselves for those problems if we can help it.


I didn’t see that will check it out.
He said he’s been driving all over the Midwest with both trucks and most ppl just wanted to meet him and take pics
The most responsive ppl are at Nascar events. Go figure


Hey, if that’s his means of advertising, that’s fine. And considering he probably isn’t in some dangerous left-infested Schiff-hole city, then he’ll probably be just fine.

Gotta love the NASCAR people. Heck, I still remember the first time I met my wife, her family was outside having a NASCAR viewing party. I’d have to look up where the race was and who won it, mind you…


He’s a farmer and owns a body shop, it actually took me 6 months to find him… And the name dropping he was doing today, I felt very safe to work in his area
I gave him all our info, and I dropped off a couple of bottles of his favorite wine… Got to sucker em in






Based on Senate testimony, the national emergency will be declared after signing this sorry excuse for a compromise bill.


I just came in here to talk about that… That is great news.


Not necessarily, if you consider what’s in the 1100 page bill. I’m not sure if a national emergency can override that?

Now we know why they want time: To draw up an insanely long bill that none of these representatives have actually read.