Trump is a FAILURE


Trump is becoming a total FAILURE.
TRUMP is not draining the swamp he is opening the swamp up to the Whitehouse.
Trump just hired a Haliburton guy to be his secretary of the interior. Haliburton? Bushes death squad contractors.
Trump just pulled out of INF missile treaty that Reagan and Gorbachev worked hard to achieve.
Trump is not keeping the illegal immigrants from these caravans out! When the cameras are not rolling these people are coming in by the hundreds hourly, I live in the south and the streets are littered with homeless illegals!
Trump let the Neo Cons push him into VENEZUELA, like it or not Maduro was elected by the people. Despite Socialism, communism…whatever.
If we go to WAR in VENEZUELA, this is another Vietnam.
The patriot movement has been compromised, the pro Israel agenda has taken over America First.
Trump is owned by the Jewish lobby, he was bailed out by BOTH the Rothchilds and Soros.
This is a tota vicil puppet government, I am embarrassed that I fell for Trump and his BS and I am tired of Jones defending Trump!
I am done voting, I am arming up, I want civil war to have a reset!
Trump is a FAILURE and shy of Trump pulling a total 180 at the STOTU, and calling for MARTIAL law to arrest EVERYONE, building a wall with the Military money, and ending the Mueller investigation and with that, risking getting assassinated, I am DONE with Trump! He’s basically a one term president, and were all on borrowed time until a total Democrat SUPER MAJORITY is forced upon us all through LEGAL and ILLEGAL Immigration, and conservative thought is crushed.
It’s time to look out for yourselves, this country is about to be finished.

He is looking more and more like he is being owned by the Deep State, I am done voting, I just want war!


There isn’t a person on the planet with a better track record for his position or any comparable in the world.
Beggars can’t be choosers, and if you cannot appreciate better than you’ve ever had, especially with such a tremendous track record, no one could possibly succeed to your satisfaction in his position.

No one on the planet, because no one has met his accomplishments. It’s doesn’t matter how much you let feelings rule reason, accusation have no substance from feelings alone.



For the record because apparently tears make people forget.


Keep Telling yourself that, face it, Trump is controlled, it’s time to wake up , he is not ever going to deliver…he is beaten!


He’s proven his actions. You have no value with your tears. I don’t care how badly you want to instigate war.


You’re alone.


These accomplishments mean NOTHING when LEGAL IMMIGRATION IS JUST AS BAD AS A ILLEGAL…95% of the people coming into this country are non white, and 90% of them vote Democrat. The Democrat party is going to desolve into the communist party, and whether you like it or not …your going to WAR!


I’m gonna say this… I’ve seen good and bad… But I think that we will know soon how it’s gonna be… Possibly tomorrow? Either way we should be prepared for ANYTHING to happen…

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst…

But we should not fight about it… That’s what they want…

Me Against The World

I don’t care about your FEELINGS. Trump has proven himself. You have NOT. Your words have no value until you can walk bigger than you talk.

Again FVCK you for instigating violence. I’m ready for it, but I’ll be AGAINST the person who lusts for it. Your actions speak louder than your words do son.


It means nothing when your paying for all of these INVADERS…my car insurance has RISEN …I have never been in an accident…it has gone up $60 in the past year here in AL because of the illegal immigrants, our health insurance is skyrocketing, we are being priced out of insurances because these immigrants are getting EVERYTHING for nothing! We ARE SLAVES TO THESE PEOPLE!!! We need to really focus our attention on banning IMMIGRATION period, since 1965 the Democrats have stifled 1st world to 1st world immigration for WHITE europeans… essentially creating the atmosphere where our lives are going to be threatened in this country!

Me Against The World

Why are you crying? I have no sympathy for someone who lusts for war.


Die in the dark then…I am going to face my murderers head on! Your a pussy!


You are never going to control my feelings no matter how long or loudly you beg.
Only you are the slave.


Your going to be taking up ARMS, or your going to die in a FEMA camp, all the drama is going to kick off as soon as Trump leaves!

Me Against The World

Please stop fear mongering or I will flag you.

Only warning I’ll give you.


Trump is a FAILURE, the proof is before ALL of our eyes, get off Trumps dick…he ain’t going to do nothing but sell us all out to our graves!


Flagged. Just for the principle of inciting violence.

Not because you obviously have a hate Trump agenda and you’re trying to drive a wedge in the support base.

Oh and now also muting your notifications. You have nothing of value to say.

Me Against The World

The dollar is being propped up, the world is moving away from America, the Deep Stare is too powerful, anything shy of Civil War will just keep us under the Deep States thumb, were finshed because the minorities in this country accept their SLAVERY, they will continue to vote for the Deep State and accept their puppet rulers, as soon as the conservatives in this country realize that they can no longer win elections, this country is gone, and the whites in this country will take up ARMS! Accept your fate!

Me Against The World

That person is paid to instigate. Their actions clearly indicate that is their blatant motive. It’s not new. In fact it’s probably a bot.


I am not PAID at all, I have just listed FACTS…I am here to debate…your the one crying, I am telling the Truths…I live in a border region STATE where the illegals are getting bussed in …I can show you people photos of shanty towns here where I live!