Trump is a FAILURE


America through economic GLOBALISM, forces these loans on COUNTRIES, they then send forces into these countries to sabotage these countries loans, and the end result is that we get their contracts and we get this country under our thumb because we imploded their ability to settle their debt!


The Government creates the problem then creates a solution that creates more problems that requires more solutions.


Yeah it’s sad to think that these kinds of travesties go on in the world but, we need to sort out our issues. We allow infanticide in America nowadays like what the actual fuck, we need to work on ourselves before we get ourselves involved in the ethics of other nations around the world.


ISIS was inevitable, it’s an ideology. It’s not our fault their religion tells them we’re the :smiling_imp:.


BULLSHIT!!! that is pure bullshit. They have been destabilizing the Middle East for a long time. Saddam is a perfect example.
Listen to the truth from a hero.


Are the Germans during WWII responsible for Hitler? They are the ones who voted for him.


China wasn’t the only one. Had to of boycotted them all.


That’s the Globalists/Deep State using our Military to do that.


Trump will piss us off tonight, and some of you will come back to this page and tell me they are on board and that Trump really is a FAILURE!


The cost to do the right thing would’ve made all American upset and they would demand them slaves in China make them cheep shit rather do the right thing.

We built China to be the country they are today. We allowed the Globalists to make this mess.


What I have seen, when we go into a country with war, their dollar bottoms out. We buy thier currency for pennies on the dollar. We then “build” thier counties back up, get their currencies back on the FOREX and then sell. I actually have hundreds of thousands of dollars of Iraqi Dinars I got for cheap after we started printing thier money for them after the Iraqi war in hopes it will go onto the exchange so it can be sold. Even if it trades for 30 cents on the dollar I will be rich lol


Listen to Alex sell us the goods!


Yeah since world war 2 America has became a empire and, the American people have only gained a negative image in the eyes of the world. Every single ounce of ill-begotten gain has went to the establishment of the one world technocracy. The problem is that our parents and grandparents and, even our great-grandparents set idle as these eugenicists Psychopaths plotted to destroy our country’s future. Will we remain idle as they did cuz, if we do this Will be the fourth generation that has done so. We will be lost to the darkness of the abyss forever.


Oh that too! My dad bought Iraqi money from desert shield…


The Looming Tower says it began long before Saddam. I’ll look for the man’s name later. It’s in the first chapter I think.


I made a comment last week, “we are Nazi Germany 2.0”.

Someday the world will hold us accountable.


Alex your kids are going to be SLAVES, and cucked by minorities!


The Germans couldn’t have possibly known Hitler would do what he did. Some tried to stop him, remember that Tom Cruise movie.



Funny thing is well it’s more ironic my family helped smuggle Jews out of Nazi Germany. Now here I am helping smuggle people’s minds out of the beast system.

May the strength of my ancestors guide me!