Trump is a FAILURE


Yes via Derivatives Debt. How much Derivatives debt does the USA have? Add it up. The top 5 banks have over $200 Trillion in Derivatives Debt as of 2011 and after 2008 crash is when that number blew up.


Makes our $22 Trillion look like a drop in the bucket.


So that’s our Government or Banks doing it to these Countries?


Have you seen The Big Short? Highly recommend it.


CIA controlled by the Cabal who own banks.


Do you know of any documentary you could recommend about this?


Have not seen that. I stopped watching movies a long long time ago but that looks good.


I had to think YES let me find it. OK found it… It took me 3 days to get though this. I had to stop an hour in because my head was spinning.


They get to talking about derivitives. It’s a Great movie.


I forget when this came out but this is a recorded conversation between LBJ and CIA Director Hoover 5 days after the JFK assassination. Forward to 10:00 or just before to get the entire context of the conversation.

Why no one talks about this kills me.Listen carefully. Best to listen to the entire conversation. Hoover explains to LBJ that if Governor Connally who was in a jump seat in front of LBJ had not turned JFK would of been shot 3 times.

I will let that sink in without explaining. Keep listening and about the 15 mark they talk about it again. 100% proof Oswald did not act alone if he even acted at all. Than you have Bush H. W.'s picture there that day standing in front of the Book Depository Building. Bush H. W. did not remember where he was that day but he was in Dallas.


Have to bookmark that for later.


New World Order documentary touched on this with Jim Marrs & Alex together in Dallas.


Really… I need to see that.

Edit: just to add… now “we” can see why they are going after Roger Stone so hot and heavy… he wrote a book about it.


The Bush Crime Family I think.


New World Order is so great because it goes all over the place with a lot of different people. One of my favorite documentaries.


I will have to check it out. I have seen most but not all from Alex.

Just some info I am finding… Canada for a long time had no Derivatives Debt… they got suckered into it.



That video goes into detail about Prescott Bush, skull and bones… It’s deep. Everything is a Rich Mans Trick.


CFR!!! here he admits it!!! WOW… just found this video. Off topic… but hey the CFR are still running things.

Make that On topic… here you go. Trump should bomb that f’ing CFR!!! They killed him for this video.

I found the Book he talked about.


A Democrat in the John Birch Society?


He talked just like Alex Jones… take a listen. he was killed for this video. He explains it all.