Trump is a FAILURE


Must have been a Classically Liberal Moderate Democrat.


He exposed the conspiracy. I need to get a transcript of that interview.


Almost guarantee Alex would have it.


I have the Close Caption. I will get my editor and clean up the garbage.

For now it looks like this,


I love the artwork by the way!!!


got something better now.


Oh man??? I needed some time to get my discord account set up, I deleted the app after I got booted from infiltrating the Q movement. I DID NOT MEAN TO LEAVE YA HANGING, I FIGURED WE WOULD HAVE SET UP A RECENT FUTURE DATE NOT TODAY! I am sorry man


Give him another chance, c’mon. Don’t be like Jack & Mark.


I was thinking the same thing…That must have been rare


I am totally dow to take the air…there is a lot of things…people will understand about me if I could talk and not type…I would love to be a guest on your show sir!


well, it got me and my wife to fight because of that circus, i had to scrap hour of prep work, and after i got NO word of the issue i had to go with plan b which i had no idea over the sotu and how long it would last, it turned into a shit show.


I apologize everything happened so forward,même downloadthe appwhen I get home, Iusedto be in radio so i understand the troubles!


you get one more chance, i don’t give chances but i’ll make an exception, just know it will be backlogged a ways because i got a lot of work to do.


Cool . Gives me time to get the app on my tablet, and les be a little more formal, so this doesnt happen again, I think you got something cool going , and if people on here listen to it, I can clear a lot of air because people are mad at me for all the wrong reasons!


Let me know the date of your show, and I will prepare myself.


Just don’t do the same thing again. that’s all.

2-3 weeks from now


Cool send me a DM before, we can chat, and go over the formalities! Thanks dude!




I put an update in the description box