Trump is a FAILURE


I cant believe how were becoming just like the Democrats with their Obsession with Obama, people on here have a full blown rager for Trump when he really did nothing different…we heard all of this before people…you try to say anything real about Trump, your getting BLOCKED on conservative pages now, being called a Democrat, and all the accompanying plesantries… Trump is a cult leader too!




I know! These people believe in the HOUSE of Jones and that is it…This man has been around LONGER than Jones…may not have the budget of Jones…but his Informtion is beyond correct, and he tells America things Jones never covers!


“Illegal children need to be saved, American children need to be aborted” - Democrat proverb


People in America are dellusional, Trump did nothing, his Speech is a D at best we heard it all before, people talking about their dignity, we are SLAVES…and if your White, your on borrowed time. Trumps test comes on the 15th when BOTH Establishments STONEWALL HIM! I hope Trump proves me wrong, but I doubt Trump does anything!


The only thing I will say about LAST NIGHT and Trump was that when he starred Bernie off, and told him SOCIALISM wont STAND or ever happen in this country, Bernie had to go wash the salt out of his vagina!

You could tell the Democrats wanted to shout him down about Socialism, but they COULDN’T…


I am down with INFOWARS, you people are smart just for coming here, but Jones KNOWS about Trump but wont follow through…he had a breakdown…and he periodically does a hreat check…to catch some of us that have figured out Jones. I am not mad at Jones for going all in, I was drawn in by Trumps charisma too! Trump has 9 days!


this guy was most definitely killed for what he knew and said. Imagine if we had this guy fighting before Alex, showing the playbook that early on, and that eloquently. What a tragic loss for Freedom.


9 days, 9 days until, most of our lives will change, some of you will stay on board despite this man not getting the job done, obstruction or not, if the Democrats and Republicans stonewall him, you will see "the passion of the Christ "type scenario. Then the logical minded people, the autistic ,straight forward , non gray seeing people will leave Trump because we saw him PROMISE us to build the wall, and lock Hillary up, and this resonates in our minds as victory…are we traitors now?


Its true logical thinking people are going to be considered TRAITORS!!!


That is why their is such an attack on conservative thinking, they are trying to defy natural moral law.


The reaction from Tom Braden was classic. The last comment proves Pat Bucanna knew not to say or ask to much because he knows. Crazy cool video full of proof.




AGREED!! You cannot argue (Intelligently) with what the man has accomplished. And He’s had to do 99 percent of it All By Himself because of All The Opposition ON BOTH SIDES!! That’s right the Frickin Republicans had two years as the Majority but they hate Trump and The American People as much as the damn Dems do!!! Granted there are a few good ones up there but sadly they are the in MINORITY!!!
And on that note FreedomFighter414, Would you rather have had HRC in the Whitehouse? That would have been a total failure and complete takeover of this Nation.
Is President Trump perfect?? NOPE but who among us is I ask you???
Finally this country will not be finished until THE VERY LAST PATRIOT LIES DEAD and THAT’S NOT GOING TO BE EASY FOR THEM!!!


I speak from experience on this particular topic and your topic isn’t Trump is a FAILURE okay? You should have called it WAR!!!
I am a combat veteran and it’s been my experience that people who call for WAR, HAS NEVER EVER BEEN ON A REAL BATTLEFIELD!!!
Professional Soldiers HATE WAR MAN!!!
Please tell me just how many Active Combat Zones you have been in?? Please tell me Just How Many Of Your Good Friends That You Have Had To Bury?? How many of those families of your fallen Comrades do you still watch over because you and your team mates made a promise to each other before going into battle???
Like I said before> Professional Soldiers HATE WAR!! If WAR comes then so be it but, WE DON’T START WARS, WE FINISH THEM!!!
Nuff Said!!!


@OleParatrooper exactly. I live with a man who has seen war on a battlefield and I see the effects firsthand. I see the moments something reminds him of the best friend he lost while in Afghanistan. Every year the holidays are never a source of joy, especially the ones involving fireworks. Instead we prepare to have music playing and my husband wears sound muffling headphones to drown out the explosive sounds. I cringe when we go in public and I see him tense up at the sound of a balloon popping or a car backfiring. Most of the time, especially nowadays, we avoid going in public… it’s not fear I see but a readiness like no other… And I thank God for his readiness but it changes the normalcy of life. I know what comes with war because I’ve seen what happens to men who fight and survive. It’s ugly. And I pray everyday that the Lord will protect my children from the day that ugliness comes to our country and thank Him for every moment of peace we have…


Thank you for your kind words. It is indeed VERY UGLY and it’s impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t seen it. But women such as yourself are a God Send to those if us that have had a front row seat TO THE EVIL THAT MEN DO.
Your man is a very lucky man to be blessed with someone such as you!
God Bless You!!


Everybody just pray and ask God for Guidance. With Him, we can make the right moves.
Just like Alex said, dont put all our eggs in one Basket. WE brought Trump to where he is at,
and I think he thinks The establishment did. We are the Liberty Movement, and we will go on, after
Trump is all gone.