Trump is a FAILURE


I don’t fall for FreedomFighter414. I think he is a paid agitator, might as well bang a drum in our face. This audience is too smart for that. Freedomfighter414 doesn’t understand the depth of the INFOWARRIOR intellect. We see through this effort, it’s clear to see.


Looking through your posts my “Spidey senses are tingling”. I understand frustration with Trump, in particular not to declare a state of emergency. However, one of the greatest aims of the globalists is to create disunity in the INFOWARS community. Your title “Trump is a FAILURE” seeks to accomplish just that. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket believing Trump is the end all be all. Additionally, I don’t believe that all INFOWARRIORS agree on many aspects of Trump, or even Trump in general. But I do think Trump is our best chance right now. I don’t agree with all of his decisions, however I think we should reflect on his accomplishments thus far, and pray that God guides his decisions in the future. I think you may be getting ahead of yourself by focusing on the negative. There is a time and place for everything.


@nailer, agreed, and life is too short not to do the best we can with what we got. Regardless of who or what @FreedomFighter414 is and is not, each person can decide to be pulled down by this person or not. It may be better, in most cases, to move on, to focus on what we can do. That is what I told him. Focusing on problems is meaningless if we are NOT actively trying to red pill, protest, call into the White House, call into talk radio shows, spread the word, links, videos, memes, pictures, articles, ideas, questions, etc; that is if, it is almost meaningless to say, for example, “I won’t vote for Trump,” because that is like being on a cold snowy mountain. A guy tries to give you a coat. And you say, “No, I’m not voting for that coat. I mean, I’m not going to wear that coat.” Trump is our coat. Yeah, we gotta try to be our own coat at the same time. We gotta make Trump into the best coat ever. We gotta try to Write Trump and push Trump, Alex Jones, the government, other people, as they work for us. But still, Trump is our coat. We might freeze to death without our coat. We gotta focus on little things we can do each day. Sadly, some people focus too much on what we CANNOT do. Generally, we already know about the issues, the problems, what we might not be able to do for the moment, things that might go beyond our control. So, we generally need to ignore people like @FreedomFighter414, generally, unless if I’m wrong, and there may be exceptions to this generality, but life is short, and patience is good, but procrastination is not good oatmeal in the mist of dragon hearts.


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I am not a paid agitator, I am not here because I hate INFOWARS, you people, or the cause, but I am not going to hear that Trump is the man all day from all you koolaid drinkers especially when Trump should have put his boot on the Republican Establishments throat and forced change within the party, because so far, the Democrats are successful stifling his agenda, the NEO cons are succeeding allowing the Russian collusion crap to fester, FOX NEWS, Republicans, and the CONSERVATIVE movement as a whole is factioned and it’s because Trump couldnt keep the NEO con agenda on time out. And you see how NEO cons like Rubio are stifling Free Speech siding with big tech, and creating laws that will punish Americans for speaking ill of Israel in our own land, and it is the plan to put all of you back in your pens, back with in the Republican ESTABLISHMENT. I voted for Trump because HRC should never be president, but I also feel that our movement that Trump helped create is now bigger than than he is, and the far right is being stifled because Trump hasn’t lived up to his billing on the things that mean most to alot of us!
Here is where I differ from all of you, I am not on Trump’s sack.

  1. I am sick of immigration as a whole. I recognize it is time to BAN it all …if EUROPEANS are being slow walked , in favor of this 3rd world trash. WHY HAVE IMMIGRATION TO BEGIN WITH when the laws we created, are being ignored because whites have gone crazy and are SELF DESTRUCTING. We created this country to improve upon the rights and privileges we had when our ancestors left Europe, we are a European inspired nation in law, architecture, and design. And if other races and ethnicities come here …they have to accept it or get the fuck out!
    We are not here for their entertainment or slaughter.

  2. I am looking forward to a total restart, a peaceful minimally violent, collapse similar to what the Soviet Union went through in 1994…OVER… all of this talk of bloody, civil war, because I am tired of how this government, constitution, and how the rules of law, have been used against us, forced us into debt SLAVERY, keep us paying for the freedoms of people who would rather see us dead. I also realize that a bio bomb could be used on all of us is a reality! I wanna see treason punished but a revolution against the government will not solve the problem , I am a gun owner but we cant take down the Deep State when you dont know what they all got? And what these elites have is classified, but the things that leak out are horrifying like bi pedal ROBOTS with self awareness and can kill without command, robots that mimic the movement of animals, robots that have acrobatic abilities and MASSIVE strength, armed drones, I have a few good firearms but I dont have a IRONMAN type mech suit! How are we going to fight that? Another thing, I dont like the idea of destroying our infrastructure that I hear some of you talk about in reprisal for the crappy things our government is doing to us! If a civil war were to happen, I would break for the midwest because it would be advantageous to protect Americas bread basket, because that would be our food supply, and for us to push the liberals to the coasts where we could force them to leave and exile as a battle plan.

  3. I would be in favor of peaceful separation. I am aware the elites are trying to delude the white race in this country, I cannot change what color my skin is but I also know that it maybe time to separate ourselves from the 3rd world dregs and let them destroy thenselves.
    I would want as much infrastructure as possible to have an economic advantage.

  4. There is no one going to save us, there is no secret agents in the government going to take out these despots. Stop listening to this crap from overly optimistic dellusionals. It just builds up this FALSE sense of hope. And the general populous will not stand guard for if we were really to be taken over.

  5. I am preparing for a post Trump reality. I dont have all the answers, but I know that they are going to take him out of office, and he is going to most likely let it happen, how can you put everything you got behind someone when our reasons for electingTrump superceded the Republican party from day 1?

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I also believe that if you do not own any property you shouldn’t be able to vote.
I believe that women shouldn’t be able to vote, they have no SKIN in the game, and in wars most of them get to survive anyways.


Can we build Iron Man Suits?

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I am sure it’s possible, but I dont own the technology yet.


Trump is no leader just a total stooge for the DEEP STATE! Were all getting fucked slowly, inch by inch in our buttholes, and the cock is most definitely a horse cock and I am talking total soup can gerth!!! …a butthole destroyer!!! .When are you people going to realize that Trump is no great deal maker??? He is getting LOWBALLED! This new deal with Congress is WORSE than the LAST one BEFORE! The spending on ILLEGALS has skyrocketed!!! The money he is getting in return for the wall is nothing…if he signs that Bill …I am done, and I dont wanna hear a thing from anyone of you about Trump being good for US! And a patriot, and all this crap, PATRIOTS dont sell the country down the river! We dont have a president, we have puppet rulers!




This new budget has TWICE the money spent on giving these aliens assistance!!!
Are these Republicans even fucking serious ???



America has been dicked so hard…our countries proverbial butthole is PROLAPSED!!!


And the shit from the 3rd world, is dripping down our leg!


Just for clarification, I’m not against Jewish people but the “fake” Jew Zionist control is what is really concerning… Follow the ties…it’s crazy… :expressionless: