Trump is a FAILURE


What if the entire cabinet was set up that way on purpose? One single chess move could drain the entirety of the swamp. The moment when all their hands are caught in the cookie jar simultaneously. There really wouldnt be any other way to catch all the yellow bellies all at once.

Me Against The World

There are ALOT of these MIGRANTS from the caravan here in AL… they dumped them in my State cause Democrats and Neo Cons think people from Alabama are all rednecks toothless and on meth…were not! People are coming from New York, Pennsylvania, California because WE HAVE VOTER ID…


Yeah he kinda was before… :unamused: I have been following some leads about things but I haven’t came to any conclusions…here are a few articles…

Me Against The World



Me Against The World

People from ALABAMA are the hardest of the HARD CORP CHRISTIANS willing to FIGHT to keep RELIGION!


I think it’s important for everyone to look at all aspects of things and not be naive about anything but always remain vigilant and informed… Hence the reason I do a ton of research for this forum…

Me Against The World

Democrats and Neo Cons STOLE the ELECTION for Doug Jones a God damn Democrat by LYING ON ROY MOORE!!!


And Trump is letting the Sellout Republicans and Democrats change the geographic of my STATE!


During the election I thought Trump was our man and would fix things in Washington. As time goes on I feel 60% sure he is deep state controlled though I still have 40% hope I’m wrong and full of shit.

The Debt is my number one reason. Trump told us $22 Trillion was the end of us. Now the Debt does not matter. That is not right and a good 40% of the reason I feel he is one of them.

That day with Chuck and Nancy in the oval office… it sure looked like all three of them were acting for the cameras.

Here is my prediction. Feb 15th will come and we won’t have a wall. Dems will pull some trick that will prevent it. We go to war with Venezuela and it will create a huge influx of immigrants who will all flood our southern boarder bringing in many more than just Veneszuelan’s.

We are being setup for a trap. Why did Trump allow the FBI to do that to Roger Stone. Don’t the freaking FBI work for HIM!!!

Too many red flags I see. Something is not right.

Me Against The World

Why is Jones Defending Trump when I have listed so many RED FLAGS…???

Me Against The World

That’s a good question and I am wondering that myself. I hope it is because I am full of shit and Alex knows better. The alternative… I don’t want to discuss the alternative.


If Trump DOESNT have any fire and BRIMSTONE in his address…Im done with him???
Followed by a STATE OF EMERGENCY…mass firings, mass.arrests…and Army Corp of Engineers movement towards that border with in the week…I am fucking done!!!


All we can do now and observe, prepare and pray. I am comfortable with whatever happens. Before I was worried out of my mind. Not going to worry about it like I did. I lost too much sleep over the past 12 years.


I am so angry right now I can put my remote through my TV looking at Jones defending this crap!

Me Against The World

I shot up my TV for less of a reason. :wink: Just a waist of money. lol


If Trump does not pardon Roger Stone if he happens to get locked up, he will be on my shit list


Why can’t We The People fix it?
UK did for Tommy, without a Trump, and without a 2nd.

Me Against The World

Agreed! on that NPC. If he allows Roger Stone to rot in jail, I will not forgive Trump and Alex best get off his bandwagon. We may be dealing with bigger problems when that happens.


I need to start documenting what’s going on in my area, do a little Q&A , show you people the SPANISH DIALECT DIFFERENCE between Mexican Spanish which is slower than Central American Spanish!!! Show you people the Shanty towns forming in my city!