Trump is a FAILURE


Show you people clips of the local paper showing the prostitution raids and the hookers who are Hispanic getting pimped by southern lowlives!


I live by the border here in Arizona…They go into my backyard and bathe themselves in my swimming pool…I learned the hard way not to hold them at gunpoint until Border Patrol arrives…Mexican Mafia is no joke…Now I just call and not show my face to them :expressionless:


Why are folks blaming Trump for what he’s not done, pre-emptively?

If a Man, cannot be given credit where it’s due, when that MAN has proven MORE credibility on the world stage than anyone on the entire planet. Why stand up at all, if the end result for doing so is going to be relentless persecution?

What message are the vehement finger pointers sending by their OWN behaviors?


lowlifes! People in my town are CENTRAL AMERICAN…they speak a more informal faster dialect of spanish!


Holly crap NCP!!! I think I would turn my pool into a piranha pond.


Same here…Most are from South America as far as I can tell…The whole desert where I live is covered in water bottles, backpacks and tons of trash they leave behind


Dude, Trump is now complicate, he hired Deep Staters, they dumped Caravan people in my city! What part of this do you not UNDERSTAND?


I don’t blame the people as much as our CIA and Bankers for screwing with that country. They are the cause of all of this. They planted the Socialism in their country.

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Good idea :rofl::rofl:


Instead of cleaning leaves out of your pool you’ll be cleaning out bones. lol


Trumps minister of the interior HE JUST HIRED is a war criminal!!! DO YOU REMEMBER HALIBURTON???


Dick Chaney’s Halliburton… yes I do. We are being setup for a trap… 60% sure and I am being conservative.


Totally off subject but this is a mix of failure and winning… Why raise your kid and allow them to turn into this, just to f*ck with them… This is why our country is failing :expressionless::thinking::unamused:


I hate that crap regardless.


At a high school where I live they tried to FIRE a good teacher because he refused to let a kid wearing drag make up get on NATIONAL TV for the BAND during the SCC championship game a few weeks ago…he got to keep his job because WE STEPPED UP and told these people to FUCK OFF!


Which do you disagree with?


Alex needs to stop side tracking us with this crap he doesnt even talk about the AMERICAN warfront, howTrump is disrupting an election in Venezuela DESPITE the RUSSIAN collusion dellusionin in this country he faces…how heis backing a rogue cia installed puppe ruler despite the Venezuelan PEOPLE voting legitimately for Maduro despite then being Commies!




Even Robert Muller is a trap. We are being setup for a huge failure. I need to stop thinking about this. My blood pressure is rising.


Do you work in Washington? Do you know how politics work? Do you know exactly how much influence the CFR, Trilateral Comission, Bilderberg Group, and so on have? Then if not, how can you make an argument as if you do? You make it sound like Trump is the be all, end all final word. He has to walk a delicate balance, and probably has much less control than you think. I, for one, believe he has the best interests of the country at heart and for someone who is not a politician, he’s doing a damn good job.

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