Trump is a FAILURE


I dont doubt this video for a second, I dont doubt anything anymore!


Sad to think this could be our elections someday, or already is. Trump should focus on fixing the vote.


My 60% says so we have been lead to believe. My 40% agrees with you 100%.


I can’t believe you said that. Why are we all so spoiled?


Let’s get this straight I LOVE INFOWARS…I loved Alex Jones from JUMPSTREET…But ALEX BETTING THE INFOWARS FARM ON TRUMP…when he is merely just a catalyst for the real change coming down the road!!! We Trump people, are becoming stigmatized with dellusion like the Obama supporters we thought were!


Infowars is being MISUSED!!! Jones had a nervous breakdown tirade one Saturday about Trump a few months ago, he KNOWS the truth! Trump is not going to do NOTHING but show more WEAKNESS!


Who else in this world has had Chinese slaves aka kids making us cloths, toys, clothing, electronics and much other for decades? We have let this happen because we are spoiled fing brats. We are beyond spoiled… now we are arrogant to the point we don’t care about the endless wars anymore either. We don’t care about our debt and we sure as hell don’t care out the kids being aborted.

I say that constitutes as spoiled to say the least.


Old article but still relevant…maybe even more so now… :unamused:🤦

Pop quiz: What’s the single biggest thing the U.S. government does?

It’s not the military. National defense is a declining component of federal spending, and President Barack Obama has come out with a plan to scale back the military to pre-9/11 levels. It’s not any other kind of security, either.

The government spends most of its budget writing checks to individuals.

Add up the budget for programs like Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, student loans, farmers and veteran’s benefits. Direct payments to individuals topped $2.3 trillion dollars, or nearly 66 percent of federal spending last year. Payments to individuals took up only 2.5 percent of the federal budget in 1945.


Exactly… and the big one people are ignoring… THE “AI” ARE COMING!!!


This scenario could very well happen to Trump tonight but much much worse…


We need to hold trumps feet to the fire. It’s astounding how little people really know about our government system, in order to bring about real change we as the citizenry need to put presser on the system. They take our silence and lack of willingness to get out in the streets as acceptance and, as long as people are fed and hand their little Trinkets and the bread and circuses spectacles like the Super Bowl that distract us and bombard our subconscious mind wood satanic imagery. I really think trump is good do I agree with how he is going about it not really personally he isn’t hardcore enough. However we can sit from the side lines and shout about how he isn’t doing enough, it’s a lot different when you are the one in the chair. Think about it he has already done a bunch like ending the tpp and the reorganization of trade deals. One great President can not do it all it will take several more great presidents to get the job done.


Syrians support Assad for the most part. We’re only there to help them get rid of ISIS, Iran & Russia too. Right?


We created ISIS… so we are only cleaning up the mess we created.

it’s all bullshit…


We are there for the rebuild, there is money in the rebuild, if we walk Russia gets the contracts, and Russia wont sabotage their loans!


No one else buys child made goods from China? What control do the American people have over China allowing child labor? Or any Country for that matter. Most people care about the Wars, Debt, & Genocide.


In the words of George Washington no foreign entanglement!!!

In the words of trump America first!


You’re not saying we’re spoiled because our government is corrupt!?


Back in the 90’s when we found out who was making the goods for Walmart and everyone was pissed for a few days… that’s when we would should’ve boycotted Walmart and fixed it… but we are too spoiled to do the right thing.

Edit… Spoiled and Brainwashed go hand and hand.


I was gonna say that… America actually has created the problems more than any other country… It’s a scheme based game of “tug and war” 🤦😒


Of course… They created the entitlement syndrome for control :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: