Trump is like a Boxer Throwing The Fight


Sorry, but it seems The Trump fight is Fixed or he is a Moron.
Duhhhhhhh! Infowars has warned about Bolton, yet Trump STILL Appointed Him? Trump Listens to Infowars?? Dont sound like it to me! Trump has Continuously hires THE DEEP STATE in his Cabinet and Gets Rid of Flynn and Bannon, both Raving Patriots! Yet, we are supposed to be shocked about it? Not!!! Trump is like a Boxer who is Throwing a FIXED FIGHT. No Excuses. He is stopping what he is doing because a low level commie judge rules, yet a Higher Court Rules in Trumps Favor, yet listens to the lower?? Trump needs to Tell them, Try to enforce it, and exercise his Constitutional Duty! he Wont those. Either he has No Guts or The Fix is in!


It’s not a question, Does TRUMP want to win in 2020? The question IS, do WE want to win in 2020. If we let Trump DIE in 2020, it will be OUR FAULT.


Stated my opinions on several of your other similar topics.

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He is needs to IDENTIFY his daughter and son in law ARE the opposition in the WH!! He is such a SICKOPHANT over those two it is rediculous!


Isn’t Bolton gone now?


Preach @Whisperatnight. Ivanka and Jared are NOT working for our interest.



Hundreds of thousands go missing every year in this country. NO BODY IS EVEN LOOKING for these people!! What are we paying these agencies for?


Some people in the government are looking for missing persons.

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Thats just a list of people missing, who’s actually looking for them?

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The FBI, local and state police.

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I bet they are trying real hard. :+1:


Was Bolton hired to clean out the State Department? He would have been good for that purpose.
George Webb reports of 70,000 overdoses every 6 months. Is deep state cleaning out its informants or traitors?
Zero Hedge reported China is at the center of the fentanyl crisis. Webb reports Epstein and DynCorp ran drugs and weapons to drug dealers and shooters in the USA.
HAPPY 911 anniversary, may our citizens defend our good country.


Seems they had better LUCK finding the stolen “ruby slippers” worn by Judy Garland than finding missing peoples.


In response to this post I feel I need to chime in.

If you needed Infowars to warn you about Bolton then you haven’t been paying attention. I’m 51 years old and grew up in an ultra conservative household. At lreast that is what the libtards of today would call it. To me it was just another day reading books like The Naked Communist at the same time as Moby Dick. My Father kept a well stocked library in his home. I was grateful for that.

That being said, I have a very long history with the “conservative” movement over the past 40 years. I’ve watched as the NRA has slowly allowed for the infringment of our rights under Mr. LaPiere and I am NOT happy at all with his performance over the years.

If recent revelations are true as to the depths at which our swamp has sunk, then Trump stands in the middle of the whirlwind wall. The eye of the storm! For what he IS actually doing is for the betterment of this nation and WE ALL know it! No man should agree with any other 100% as life has lernt me that those that do are selling somethin’ and it ain’t never good fer ya. :wink:

If there was ever a time to support and pray for any individual on the face of this planet it should be for our champion in this arena. Besides, this fight ain’t over by a long shot! We ain’t even in the 5th round yet.

Don’t be so eager to toss in the towel.

~just say’in, patience is a virtue.

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Honestly your right, however the perspectives of observation are determining factor of rather conclusions are appropriate, and leading to properly defined correction.

The other view is "why were these Bureaucratic Structures created. Not strictly a government implemented creation.
Citizens misunderstanding of true purpose for Republic form of Governance, choose to improve individual circumstances by government agencies.
Most individuals think of government protection as defending against foreign invaders or neighborhood criminals.
Government protection are involved with, job, income, workplace safety, business contracts, gender relationships, children’s welfare, parenting style regulations, all various aspects of protection systems. That are flawed by human frailties.
Big organizations rather public or private sector eventually become self-serving beasts. That are flawed by unintended consequence of human mistakes or intentionally human pilfering opportunist.

Level playing field verses Personal study, situational analysis, basic due diligence and honest acceptance of individual wrong choices.
Bureaucratic Structures created are machinery that become tools of unscrupulous individuals.
They were never intended to be established within Republic Constitutional Structures.

Voters have their hands included with formation of many of such agencies.

Nanny State permeates basic idea of government purposes in minds of major portion of citizenry.