Trump Posts '2024' Campaign Sign on Twitter With No Explanation


Hint his son may run in 2024 perhaps?

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Could mean Junior. But it certainly won’t be the senior. And I don’t care how good of a job you did: You’re not getting a life term on my watch.


Yeah, that wouldn’t be The Don. He’ll be too busy cashing in from being president.

It would obviously be Jr. Eric is back in the office running the family business.

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This is not a monarchy. This is not the Roman Senate (family positions stay the same). There cannot be another Trump after this one, even if he does do a good job.

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But there could be a Trump Jr… I would bet you he runs in 2024 :100:


The Constitution doesn’t say a former president cannot later be Vice-President.

The only issue I see would be can the former president take the office of president as a matter of succession.

If the Vice-President cannot take the office of President, then I’d say it skips over the VP and falls to the Speaker of the House to be President. I see no reason for the VP to leave office if they cannot be President for term limit reasons.