Trump Promises Action After Weekend Shootings in Ohio, Texas


Trump states that he has has talked to a lot of people: notice how he refers to William Barr who is historically a gun-control advocate and deep stater Christopher Wray FBI director. Trump has surrounded himself by the deep state and the swamp.

It is time to turn on Trump, and intensively recruit a true patriot. Quit going to his campaign stops.


That will boil down to and end with GUN CONFISCATION… IT is going to be DONE before 2021, EXPECT a knock on your DOOR soon… NO BULLSHIT, just part of the plan…

I have most pity for the IDIOTS who think there going to Keep them, I will GUARANTEE and ASSURE you, you will be ARRESTED or MURDERED for REFUSAL to fallow DIRECT orders, Trumpet will NOT stop this, IN FACT its Trumpets JOB to INITIATE it!

Hence the Show must go on, People still obsessing over Fails Idols and Golden Calf.

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Trump Gun “Grabbing”

How do we get Trump to stop saying “Mental Health” as that distracts us all from bigger issues, etc?


Bout time someone is thinking!!! FUCK TRUMP FOREVER… if he is going to be "the great gun grabber’, he has really FUCKED US TIME and AGAIN…He has been a fucking MODERATE, kissing these fucking Democrats asses, trying to get their favor, he is so fucking stupid if he thinks he is going to ever get it! I am tired of all these people who think Trump is doing so good, I THINK WE CONSERVATIVES DESERVE SOMETHING BETTER THAN JUST THE SAME OLD, …HE IS BETTER THAN HILLARY BULL SHIT TALKING POINTS!!! FUCK HILLARY, and FUCK TRUMP if he is going to CONCEDE MORE AND MORE TO THESE FUCKING COMMIES!


Just the NWO Trump Card, The name it’s self is insult to all intellectual and the most basic sense of intelligence. Should we be so vulnerable, naive, ignorant or gullible?

No, but Clearly a grate % are and choose to remain that way, Then again “Ignorance is Bliss” and easy to maintain.

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How do we out-trump Trump?

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Only answer I have for that @joey

We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!


They are going to start drone striking people, when they refuse confications, they wont even send anyone to your door!

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ROBOTS… No Man is coming to your door, Only ROBOTS… 5G is also XRAY vision technically, Thus they can see in to HIDDEN things, even in the ground 8+ feet. Only Life going to be in DANGER is yours and that of your FAMILY, Thus they are GUARANTEED to succeed.

Trumps wall is not to stop the EXODUS, that he is the Signalman for, The wall is to work BOTH ways, Too keep people from Getting in, But also from Getting OUT…

Berlin wall ring a bell?

Fact is TRUMP has very little say over anything, He can only play with then things not already MANDATED, that equate to nothing more then distractions and entertainment to actuality and reality… (“PROPAGANDA” and “ADVERTISING”).



STRENGTHENING BACKGROUND CHECKS AND PREVENTION: President Trump supports legislation and reforms to strengthen background checks and law enforcement operations.

  • President Trump’s Administration is calling on every State to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).
    • The President is directing the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to States, at their request, on establishing and implementing ERPOs.
    • ERPOs allow law enforcement, with approval from a court, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.
    • ERPOs should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected.
  • President Trump supports improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The President supports the legislative framework introduced by Senators Cornyn and Murphy that will help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of NICS.
    • The Cornyn-Murphy bill will hold Federal agencies more accountable for reporting information to NICS and will incentivize States to improve their reporting to the system.
  • The President supports the framework of the STOP School Violence Act, which provides for State-based grants to implement evidence-based violence prevention programs.
    • Grants will provide States with funds for training, technology, and technical assistance to help schools identify and prevent violent acts.
  • The Administration requests that Congress provide funding in 2018 to jump start implementation of this evidence-based program in middle and high schools nationwide.
  • The President’s Administration will audit and make accountability improvements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) tip line, and will promote its use.
  • DOJ will provide emergency and crisis training for local law enforcement.
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Right On Cue: Democrats Demand Senate Return To Vote On Gun Reform After Mass Shootings

that all mean nothing… just saying…


All you gotta do now is start burying guns!


Can we build walls around our houses?


Guns are not going to help… What are you going to do, shoot at armoured personnel carrier’s and Armoured Robotics?

People are not putting the pieces together I think… Trumpet and his Noise are only a Distraction to the REALITY that is about to become blindingly obvious, but by then it will be to late for protest, or act of activism as it is already. We are late when considering such things… These should have started in mass YEARS ago…

There is not Stopping what is coming, IT is coming, and that’s all there is to it, there will be no magical cure or Mystical being that will intercede, These plans have been in the works for centuries and over the many generations, I am sure nothing WE can or Would do will phase them even slightly…

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Can we buy robot killers?


Can we buy IT and make IT that can counter them?


Bingozee is promoting nihilism.


Just some Quotes I thought I would drop here that also relate…


What matters is what we can do.


Prepare for Communism in 5…4…3…