**Trump promoting 5G** This is dangerous to US!


It does sound good…


You wouldn’t happen to be a geologist in California? Random I know but your humor is similar to someone I shared hundreds of lame jokes with. Some were super funny though and that is why I miss my geologist friend in California. He was a good peer.

I am into the real sugar no junk brands. Got any recommendations?



Also the whole 5G exempt status around Mar a Lago… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Is this true? Is the 5G deathray prohibited near Trump property?


This is such BS!!! He know’s all about what this will do to us. MAGA??? I don’t think so. Between this, His Dismal Failure on the Border, No Action on Vaccines and His Official “Okay” on bump stocks and Red Flag Laws when he caved there!! ( I don’t own one and never would but that’s not the point,) The point is He Caved on that one!!
Combined with the LOWEST Tax Return I have EVER Received ( His Tax Plan ) I’ve had just about enough of Trump!!
Oh I know there will be those out there who say—Would you rather have Hillary?? NOOOOO I wouldn’t but he is not acting in the Best Interest Of The People right now!!
Combine that with wanting to put troops in Venezuela???
No I have had enough of this chit!!!


I think at this point it’s not about Trump vs Hilary… It’s a matter of Trump’s duplicity… He says MAGA for the people but the reality is he “means” MAGA for the elite…:expressionless:

*We are now on the verge of WWIII* Wars and Rumours of war

I’ll bet even money that there will be No 5G around Nancy Pelosi’s estates or any other f—kin Swamp creatures estates either!! :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Anyone want to take that bet?? I bet NOT because we’re not that Stupid!!!


Bingo MamaPotato!!! You go that right!! :+1::+1::+1:


Good for you for not having a vinigarized chicken backbone. :+1:

It’s only the 8th president in a row we have been reduced into the trappings of slavery by.

Trump has indeed proven himself to be a conartist not a conservative or constitutionalist.

He should care about all American’s Health & Safety first (shielding us somehow from 5G until US citizen’s most all agree it is safe or made much safer) - not firstly how fast we can download more copies of Hollywood movies and other mind-lulling state media propaganda; while this forum gets bocked - or David Knight’s and Owen’s show next etc.

Know them by the Fruits they bear!

Is Alex now in line too and kissing Trump’s golden bumcakes?



Thanks, genius. A link is enough. You don’t have to spam pages of shit that you could just as easily link to.


Would you blame Trump or his scientist advisors? Not being sarcastic, looking for a peaceful conversation with someone who I may not see eye to eye with but I am willing to engage nonetheless.


Don’t let me do this Paladin. I don’t want to annoy people. But please give me the freedom to post God’s Word (I will keep it short).


That wasn’t directed to you. It was directed towards the shitposter with 6+ different accounts here. I don’t think anyone’s accused you of spam.


Paladin, I don’t want to get a reputation for being too sensitive but man it’s hard to avoid being taken out of context here. Nearly impossible.


I already had that linked actually… 🤦 @Paladin I swear… I’m bout ready to give up on this forum… it’s getting beyond ridiculous at this point… Leave them to their own devices, as they say?! :wink: But thank you for saying thus!!




I’m posting this here to clarify my stance since it’s obvious people don’t go back and read past posts in this forum… I’ve been a user here since the beginning of the forum and all of my posts lead up to a decision I have made in regards to my perspective of our president… All backed up with articles and evidence as to why… It’s all searchable… We all have our own opinions and I respect everyone’s stance…even if we are not in agreement…


I do feel bad for saying F U Trump because I am genuinely upset that he is actually giving the green flag for 5G… I understand the man is not perfect… I don’t know yet if I’m going to withdraw donations to him…