**Trump promoting 5G** This is dangerous to US!


I can’t sit here and just kiss his ass for everything, I have to let him know when I don’t agree to something.


The same goes for anyone else. And I expect the same back in return.


A true learner you are and humble at that Zor. I agree with you about being open to honest critique.

I pray Trump has a balanced scientific advisory counsel that will listen to the concerns of the people who have done their research into European scientific warnings on 5G.


If Trump is putting it everywhere accept were he resides… Then he really does know the dangers of putting 5G everywhere and that’s pretty disturbing to me if he knows and still promotes it…




NEC develops 5G face recognition system | Planet Biometrics News
7 days ago - NEC announced the provision of a facial recognition demo system utilizing Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), a network architecture …

New York transit authority facial recognition deployment rolls out amid …

Sep 28, 2018 - New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has begun testing facial recognition technology that can identify drivers and passengers


Yes I have a list of things Trump is doing that dont make sense to MAGA. I’m still on the Trump train. Only because of what I have seen him do and who his enemy’s are. But almost three years in and everything he has done can be erased by deep-state President. The Wall wont matter if the Deep state control it, they will just leave the gates open. I want to see arrest of, holder, bill and hillary, obama and michael, lynch, bushes, comey and his gang, clapper, the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA. I want to see executions for traitors. If not and Trump does not get reelected, I think its over.


I wonder about him myself. In this world its hard to know what is reality and whats propaganda. I completely understand where you coming from I fall on that side of the fence every once in a while myself. I lost faith in the 5d chess BS. I think he is doing what he can, and its just not gonna be close too enough to turn us around.