Trump Says He Supports Ban on Burning American Flag


I am against that ban.


Are you surprised? That’s what the Fox Snooze crowd wants.


Reminds of the great Bill Hicks :grin:


I agree with Bill Hicks concerning the flag.

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@CarpeDonktum got reamed on his stance.

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I think that the SCOTUS had settled years ago as a 1st Amendment Right of free speech

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I agree 100% with BILL HICKS, Seems in the end days, the only way to speak is to be the village idiot.
Or most Brilliant
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Seems like you can be funny to a point, what about journalist
Gary Webb
Michael Hastings
Whistle blowers the ones you will never hear about. Can you imagine how safe
our planet REALLY is, once you remove all the bad actors and false flags, and made up wars.
It’s like this tiny percent always at the top, trying to kill us at every move.


You would be correct.


Thank you for that! I remember that happening!

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I can remember when I was a young boy that you did not desecrate our flag because it was illegal to do so!
But in those days when Old Glory came down the street in a parade the Men would all remove their hats and everyone put their hand over their hearts!
Our Flag was deeply respected and revered as a symbol of OUR FREEDOM!


I’m all for the ban. I guess I’m a commie.


NO YOU’RE A DIED IN THE WOOL PATRIOT BROTHER!! And it’s going to take Patriots to take this country back from the entire corrupt Goverment.
We used to be a Country with a Government but now it has been attempted to turn it into a Government with a Country!!



I don’t think people who are debating this are actually understanding the reality and context of things.
IN a civilized world, I would be all for the freedom of sure you have a right to make a political statement if you’re not burning sh*t to the ground.

Thing is… we’re not living in a civilized world anymore. We’re living among people who do not and will NEVER share your values, they will NOT play by your rules, no matter how adamant you are. We’re in a fvcking war zone, and during war time, things are different as drastic times call for drastic measures.

I say bring on the ban, until such time as civilization returns.


Burn the flag in front of me, and I will be spending the night in the dusty shadows of a jail cell, and you will be in pain. My my my how things change when punk sissies agree that it’s okay to spit on the flag,shit on the flag, stomp on the flag, burn the flag because they call it a protest or a demonstration against tyranny. Really? Is it tyranny that you are enduring? Are we oppressed by the flag? You are being oppressed by the current governmental structure in place. Those that oppress you are the ones that love it when you turn your back on your forefathers. To love your country, and revere what the American Flag stands for is not tyranny. Chaos,and anarchy are your tools, and Americans, True Americans crush that tyranny.


I do not agree with the ban in principle, but have similar sentiments as several others. You can light the flag on fire but there may be actions following your action that you and I will both regret.

OleParatrooper, I still remove my hat and place hand on heart for the flag or the anthem. As do my children. And if in dress, salute, of course.




I burn the flag… …when retiring it, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. :wink:

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