Trump Sold us out


I feel so betrayed…beyond betrayed…he must be compromised.

The man ran on one issue, America First; Immigration.

For those who have blinders on he did a total 180. Set up a comitte with CEOS like Tim “Apple”
Cook to essentially say “We need people, we are going to have a lot of people coming here”

Nothing about programs for AMERICANS to fill these jobs (relocation programs, training programs etc)

He KNOWS in the next decade we will loose a good portion of our job sectors to automation, and yet he wants immigrants to come here @ record levels.

Coupled with RECORD HIGH illegal crossings @ the border…wtf is this guy doing man?


Literally all the man has done is to benefit the top .001 percent…

I am officially pulling my support for a man I supported since the day he announced.

We CANNOT have demographic shifts this RAPID it will destroy us, it is destroying us, AND HE WANTS FUCKING MORE heskaydgualdisjkvhslhdwa!!

How WE CAN Really Shake-Up the Ill-uminati's Apple Cart - Making Americans Peacefully Assemble Again!

I love your passion.

This is the only way to re-write the rules - assemble in ever greater numbers…

Making America Peacefully Assemble Again…


I am starting to think that this entire Russian collusion investigation was just an excuse for him to be like: yeah i told you id crack down on immigration, daca, build the wall

BUT these damn dems…obstructing me…

He should NOT have called a Nat emergency he SHOULD have used the military to build the wall.

im so mad I cant even think straight


Me Too… If I didn’t begin promoting this “Open-Source” Trump/Obama magical comedy play, I would feel like doing something else that would perhaps only wind up being regrettable. But I don’t regret building on a solution… a technique to get people together again - to again ultimately enjoy each other’s company… like Washington’s or Jefferson’s America… we need many instances of open forums… we can most easily assemble around stages… Find some friends, and round up 27 bikini babe volunteers… and put on a magical comedy show that literally incinerates groomed antichrist candidate Obama and the NWO technocrats, and puts Trump also on the spot… LOL

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How WE CAN Really Shake-Up the Ill-uminati's Apple Cart - Making Americans Peacefully Assemble Again!

Yes, Shakespear might too agree. Considering the Illuminati probably view us individually like ants among the plants.

Have your given it a read? This Magical Play proves (at least to me) that GOD (who I refer to as Louis Rexster) is REALLY ON OUR SIDE AFTER ALL. Clearly… 169 lines of a play that poetically tell the tale of PBHO and the NWO quite perfectly - that just fell out of the salt shaker of English by only using the letters of PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ??? Hello… - Perfectly… It’s 1 in Millions of 0’s of that chance. 1 out of 4? NOT. 1 out of 4 Billion odds? (closer perhaps) How about 1 out of infinity… no chance this whole magical play’s (~2 hours of dance choreography) decryption on the perfect theme of PBHO & THE NWO could have ever happened without God’s amazing mind and hand pre-planting this into the evolution of English itself over a 1000+ years (or tens of millions of years perhaps if other planets are considered). Just imagine how the sentences of ACT III would look showcased by 27 Bikini clad babes circling around?

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…MK Altar and the NWO, The Mega City “5G” and Employer Imprisonment, The ultimate form of Master and Slave Society and Inevitability for as long as we are left believing, in Man’s Religions and their politics, that is literally Blaspheme unto Humanity.



When you consent to be governed and allow other people to think for and make decisions for you, don’t get upset when they don’t do what you say. 1/2 the time, it isn’t even the guy you voted for making the choices for you. It is the entire opposite political party/thinking for you. How messed up is that. Consent and then complain.


What drugs are you on because thats some good shit.

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I don’t think the whole picture is being looked at. I have ideas, theories as well.
I’ve already shared them though, and have no interest in working to explain what I’ve already explained.


Related when understood correctly. As a Fact of History Long ago, that is the Same Today since then…

In short, there ALL FRAUDS… How foolish to VOTE for a person rather then the MANY issues that AFFECT Humanity, Nature and the Globe wholly? Folly and Silly!

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Thelsz, We can start the Purple Party no matter what someone else might say, right now.
YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! I need at least one person to review the play - will you? Paul escaped on a jet plane it seems…

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Free People that have unlimited Liberty, must consent for another to tell them what to do, when to do it, what to do it with and where you can do it, or they are not free, but property of that other, under oppression of violence if you don’t comply.(think the reasoning for the 2nd amendment)


Why? We have what we need. It’s also proving dividends after dividends, some of which we don’t even know.
I think we need to keep seeing what else may yet be wrought from the plan, because you can bet the successes we’ve had we’re not just hail mary passes. Trump’s doing a great job. No one has seen better, let’s see where this goes.


Does David Icke have a point that he might just be an Actor? I know he is just
Spock in the Radiation Chamber sort of… but I also know Q is 4 real.

They just have a bit of a complex nickname, WWG1WGA ( Where We Go 1, We Go All )… perhaps the strangest concept of the expanding movement.


From Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2019, about 1.8 million more jobs were created in America for workers between the ages of 16-64.

Only 3% of those new jobs went to American-born men.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Thing about claims? Talk is cheap.

Alex has mountains of credibility and evidence behind him proving otherwise.
Icke has a wild speculative claim amongst oh so many. Why are you even asking?
Does everyone get to ask that question individually, and it needs to be proven individually to each person that asks such an imaginative speculation without proof?
How many proofs do you need?



That appears to be a statistic. But ok, so what is your point exactly?

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[quote]From Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2019, about 1.8 million more jobs were created in America for workers between the ages of 16-64.

Only 3% of those new jobs went to American-born men.[/quote]

Self-employment has its benefits and pitfalls. Set your own destiny and quit relying on others to set your worth in life.


You have a really good point, and very simply I will not vote for the GOP if immigration is messed with before wall is completed.

They did that before, and screwed the citizenry badly. There is no point, and matter of fact I’d vote for the DNC nutcases. This one is non negotiable, if they can’t defend or assert our national sovereignty then there is no nation, and there is only globalism.

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