Trump Sold us out


I agree and the only way I know to say it…Its a bit long but TEXT I have provided long ago, that says much…

I would NEVER VOTE for any MAN… Rather I am more inclined to VOTE on SOLUTIONS of REAL ISSUES, Rather then Politics and Popularity!

Stop falling for FALSE IDLES, and Golden Calf’s

LOL, just saying… I think it’s Pathetic the Obsessiveness over People and Words RATHER then ISSUES! I am also sure theirs are peeps that will have something to say about this posts, but think about it first…

Are we missing the point when we are obsessive over a persona rather then Reality? consider the number of comments and arguments we will have over these Tards rather then REAL ISSUES they are the Primary cause and Funder of! Consider these Fucks become nothing more then a DISTRACTION and Scapegoat.

Freedom, other wise only a propagated possibility…


Why are you intentionally making it harder for the citizenry to speak? Why are you drowning out our voices, get out of here with your globalist ideology.


A wall built in the name of keeping other out, can be used to keep you in.
Band-aid on the the cause, because no one has the balls to fix the problem.
Start seizing personal and business assets(including shareholders) of those using illegal labor and those that allow the defrauding of our welfare system.
It is not illegal to be a tourist here.


That’s what you guys do, if you can’t control us with totalitarian ideology, you call for emotionally satisfying acts of desperate self destruction.


Who is, “You guys”?
When did you consent to be governed by others, thinking and making choices for you?
Didn’t you consent to what ever government the people make?



its not about ME floor guy, its about the the people of this country.

people whos ancestors fought, died, and built this nation consistently getting the shaft by their own government.

This is about trump pulling a complete 180 on his 2016 campaign promises.

“Pull yerself up by yer bootstrahps” dumbass…

Set my own destiny while my country bleeds and is destroyed around me? what possible destiny, minus some short term success, can I possibly obtain.


I think the Issue is…

“Sin is not cured by sin, Evil is not diminished by evil, Rather these work to embolden them”.


Wasn’t meant as a personal “your” It was a general statement to who ever reads it.
Bad habit of mine.


I agree about the band aid/identifying the problem(having the courage to do so)…

thats spot on


No one is going to save us. We will have to save ourselves. Short of an armed rebellion, there is nothing that will “fix” the United Corporation of America. We the People are the commodity and until that is changed, nothing will change.


They have no idea what’s going on at the border… It’s all a freaking show… :pensive:



I have to agree with @Jest3r. Trump does not have the courage and moral fortitude to stand against immigration. We do not need any more low-skilled, low-IQ immigrants. Period. Eventually, you have to say enough is enough. He hasn’t had the courage to stand against the criticism of being called xenophobic, racist, etc. and repeat the rationale over and over. Automation will make their jobs obsolete. While they are still needed, they can be filled by Americans.

Seriously, WTF is this shit?


REALLY !?!!?!! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Lol fucking WOW! Defacing the Bible of all things!!! Hypocrites…


Things that should make people go :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’m not gonna lie I do feel kinda betrayed by trump myself…it makes me wonder what is behind his shift…and would trump Jr be any better as a president






You’re so silly!